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Jun 1 Crepuscular muffins commented on Living Near Skinny People Makes Overweight People Unhappy.
The skinniest I've ever been was when I was so sick I could barely drag my bony butt to work. Two people were concerned for my health; the rest wanted diet tips! (Here's the secret: develop a severe stomach problem so all your food is passed out totally undigested. Instant skinny...and malnutrition, and constant running to the toilet-- but hey, skinny!)

Thin does not equal healthy, and moderately heavy does not equal unhealthy. Judgmental negativity, on the other hand, is always unhealthy.
Jan 23, 2013 Crepuscular muffins commented on Savage Love.
I disagree about not having wedding night sex. There's something extra special about getting it on while you are still wearing a tiara. It's a freakin' tiara, Dan!
Jan 23, 2013 Crepuscular muffins joined My Stranger Face
Jan 23, 2013 Crepuscular muffins joined My Stranger Face
Jan 22, 2013 Crepuscular muffins commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Failure to Communicate.
Bi married people should only come out if they are looking for same-sex extramarital action. Because there is only way people are going to perceive a married woman who runs around advertising, "Hey, I'm attracted to chicks, too!"

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