Sep 25, 2014 AllyCat commented on SL Letter of the Day: Played Out.
I'm all for openness, but I have to wonder what type of person would be *okay*with deceiving the lover's wife? Having sex with someone else when you're in an open marriage isn't cheating, if you play by rules you've agreed upon. But ethically, you're still an accomplice if your lover is cheating. Very uncool. Plus, you're still setting yourself up for being cheated upon. And , now it's happened. Or rather, you discovered for the first time that it was happening. Who's to say this was his first time cheating on you? I say DTMFA, and engage in some serious self-examination.
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Destination wedding? No. Elopement? He||s yes. We didn't surprise anyone by running off to get married--everyone knew we were getting married, and everyone knew when and where it would be. But we didn't expect (or, let's be honest, even want) guests. So instead of spending our budget on renting a venue, catering, a ridiculous wedding cake, dress, rehearsals, flowers and whatnot... we spent it on a wonderful and unforgettable honeymoon. When we came back, we had a reception for family and friends. Incidentally, family and friends also seemed pleased by this arrangement--they were not required to buy bridesmaid gowns or rent tuxes, and didn't have to sit through rehearsals. No one had to think up "toasts" or worry about oddly-outdated wedding rituals.