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Oct 3, 2014 Elizabeth247 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Sarcasm Uptake Inhibitors.
My vote is for Guilty Cheater who had a pity party for himself and his bad bad cheating ways on her 40th birthday. Filing this under #sogladimnotwithmyex
Jan 25, 2013 Elizabeth247 joined My Stranger Face
Jan 23, 2013 Elizabeth247 commented on Savage Love.
Regarding the last point, as a straight unmarried woman I'm finding the lesbians' embracing of the word 'wife' to be very liberating. It's a word I've had Issues with due to it's alternate meaning of. 'person in the relationship who can be beheaded for suspected misuse of their own sex organs' but seeing my cousin and her wife make it their own and in doing so expanding the meaning of the word has taken some of the sting out of it for me.