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This is the first step of protest, the next step should bring public awareness to the policy no one is talking about....and legislators are flying under the radar...Class of 2013....16,000 students on track to graduate, have their credits, will have completed their senior project, but these students will be denied their HS diploma if they do not pass the state math exam!! No consideration of the students other gifts and abilities....they wii be thrown out as dropouts. Wake-up Seattle, thousands of these kids are in every one of your high schools. These students have the ability to be successful and contributing members of society. They will enter career paths that are not dependent upon Algebra or Geometry. OSPI and Olympia do not want you be aware of this punitive policy. This critical issue needs to be addressed before thousands of very capable students....who just happen to struggle in math, we not get their HS diploma and turned into dropouts. Think about it, thousands of kids that will move forward in life and be contributors to our tax revenue or thousands are rejected and become dependent upon on the taxpayer. One dropout costs the taxpayer $292,000 over their life time. Our legislators who are elected to be good stewards of our tax dollars.....are going to create a tax burden we will not be able to sustain. Every parent, teacher, and principal should be in the streets screaming to stop the train before it crashes in June.