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Apr 21, 2013 Goldilocks commented on Organic Food Company Eden Foods Calls Birth Control "Immoral and Unnatural" and Sues to Avoid Covering It.
re: "Is it possible they don't actually care about abortion one way or another, but are merely using moral conviction as an excuse to try to weasel out of paying for something?"

If you have been following the interviews with this right wingnut he has stated that he is not really doing this for religious reasons. He is doing it "because I'm a man" and he doesn't really know of any religious beliefs to support his position. It's pretty much because he is cheap sleazy ahole.
Jun 6, 2009 Goldilocks commented on Our Friend In the White House.
Not only did you vote for him, Dan. Not only did you contribute money to his campaign. You also were exceptionally nasty towards anyone with a different opinion on the elections. You wanted this guy knowing he was not in favour of same-sex marriages, well you got him.
Jun 6, 2009 Goldilocks commented on I'm On The Cop's Side.
Oh yeah, and Dan, you have made it clear how much you hate dogs. So why bothering posting this. One might assume any shooting, kicking, slaughtering of a dog is ok with you; regardless of the circumstances.
Jun 6, 2009 Goldilocks commented on I'm On The Cop's Side.
Why weren't these animals removed from this man's possession?
Jun 6, 2009 Goldilocks commented on Savage Love.
@94 Just because you are a "stupid""idiot" don't generalize to the rest of us.

@64 LMAO, I concur.
Jun 3, 2009 Goldilocks commented on "Oh, you're a Mormon.".
Dan, I really don't understand what your point here is?
So when Mormons attack gays we should attack them and when a Mormon speaks out for her child we should still attack them?!

Jun 3, 2009 Goldilocks commented on O They Will Know We Are Christians....
The government was so quick to put environmental activists on the terrorists list. These anti-abortion crusaders have shot Tiler before, were constantly sending him death threats, firebombed his clinic (I believe at least twice), harassed his patients and now they have murdered him in cold blood. They continue to harass women and doctors, threaten people's lives, fire bomb clinics and commit many acts of violence. And the country ignores the fact that they are not on the terrorist list.
Jun 3, 2009 Goldilocks commented on Fuck You, PETA.
I dislike PETA for many reasons and I am a vegan. ECB, your "writng" style may encourage more donations to PETA because it is so poor. You simply post quick rants with no logic or credible information.
Jun 3, 2009 Goldilocks commented on Savage Love.
Dan, People do seem to get engaged and married quickly these days - it is pretty disposable (Marriage is sacred, my ass). I, however, think you are missing something in LIAR's story. Her bf is lying and manipulating. And she is so unhappy she has asked for advice from several people who all give her "WTF?" and yet she is staying. I suspect she did not make the long story short for her therapist. She needs to ask herself if this is behaviour she is ok with, so far it looks like she is shopping around for someone to tell her what she wants to hear. Which I suspect is "move in and he will change his mind".

@bukboy I'm a heterosexual atheist and I honestly don't get what the big deal about marriage is whether gay or straight. Since, however, the government has long had its paws in the marriage business it is no longer a religious matter. And everyone should be entitled to it equally.

Hey since I have no interest in my right to get married, can I gift it to one of my gay friends?
Jun 1, 2009 Goldilocks commented on The Rub.
@ Warehouse Loader
Your attitude and disrespect are more likely the reason you have to pay for it.