Jun 11, 2014 Jeffo commented on Four Restaurant Owners Talk about How Their Businesses Are Going to Have to Change.
"He conflates a busy lunch rush with a full day of labor costs."

Tell me how many cooks does it take to handle a 150 cover lunch? Do they arrive with the first customer of the day, and walk right in to their first ticket? How long IS said lunch rush? Where does the food magically come from?

How many servers do you need for this level of business? Granted, some CAN practically arrive with the first customer, but not all. How many Doug?

McGill doesn't even mention the fact that his cooks will most likely be making MORE than $15/hr, since they are prob already making around $15 now (hehe).

"if the first bunch you let write editorials were not admittedly and brazenly lying about the numbers"

First bunch who? Friedman? Who else? Bunch? Not to mention, the whole Liberty thing continues to be grossly mis-characterized. He estimated some numbers similar to what I just said about McGill. People that are currently cooks are most likely making near 15now (hehe). They get raises dude!

You do not hear/listen because you are BIASED. You do not care about anything but your ideology. You will always find a way to disregard/nullify opposing points, because you never intend to ever take them to heart.

Jun 3, 2014 Jeffo commented on A Few Bound-to-Be-Contentious Recommendations for Seattle Barbecue.
Manna's beef ribs remind me of when I lived in central Texas. I get them dry, with some sauce on the side. Smoky, tender and beefy. Beef ribs are the best!

Also, Chuck's Hole in the Wall is not "pitiable". It is totally legit bbq, Texas or otherwise.

When I want that Texas bbq fix, those are the two places I hit up.

Personally, I had some pretty poor brisket at Bitterroot.
May 1, 2014 Jeffo commented on 15 Now's Class Warriors Vote in Favor of Phased-In Wage Bump for Small Businesses.
"you shouldn't be surprised when people don't take you at your word about what's in them."

You are manufacturing my surprise.

"You don't have to open your books"

Unless... What? Unless I want to not be thought of as a liar? Again, as I have said in these threads numerous times. When I speak to REAL people, face to face I just never get called a liar or asked to "crunch the numbers" with them, lest my facts be disregarded. This only happens with biased ideologues.

Who opens their books to the public? You are saying that I am not to be taken at my word unless I do something that nobody would ever do. The IRS has every right to audit me, 15now does not. Unreasonable request.

"Your equivalency statement between wages and tips doesn't really work".

Yes it does.

Are boat taxes and home taxes the same or similar (your word)? Similar right? Are hourly wages and tip wages taxed the same or similar? Same right?

Similar is not = to anything. Tips = wages.

My goodness no. It does not mean that customers already spend enough to cover a $15 MW. Feel free to prove that it does.
Apr 30, 2014 Jeffo commented on 15 Now's Class Warriors Vote in Favor of Phased-In Wage Bump for Small Businesses.

I have been paying attention. Your version of events is not accurate. The "open your books!!" torches were burning before I'm Cool ever made the mistake of not being exact in his numbers. I dare say, his numbers were released to ANSWER those cries. I'm Cool estimated for simplicity. He undersold what some of his employees were actually making for ease of math, not deception. His numbers are indicative and valid.

My question/deflection (your word) is valid. Changing the tipping culture in this industry is not on the table. This is what is being alluded to by yourself and others. Tip credit, yes. Change the whole culture and system of tipping, no.

"If these employees make more than $15/hr currently, doesn't that show that customers have enough money to pay for the price increases that a $15 minimum would cause"
It shows that the current system in place is functioning correctly in my industry. We don't need this experiment.
Apr 29, 2014 Jeffo commented on 15 Now's Class Warriors Vote in Favor of Phased-In Wage Bump for Small Businesses.

Yes, it is intellectually dishonest. You are just trying to hide behind semantics.

There seems to be a push against tipping between @83 and @84. Are the two of you looking to change that culture?

"...but that is a combination of wages and tips."
Tips are wages. Taxes are paid on them as wages=they are wages.

I never advocated for a "mob audit".
I disagree, I think you did and continue to.

Apr 29, 2014 Jeffo commented on Burger Flipping Is the New Normal, Get Used to It.

"nominal human dignity"

Is this how you view your local book store worker/barista/17yr old grocery shelf stocker. Get out of the country, literally.

A mighty broad brush you paint with there COMTE. Conservatives?

Your rogues gallery of bullet points there have a more nuanced agree/disagree crowd than you think, I suspect.

Apr 29, 2014 Jeffo commented on 15 Now's Class Warriors Vote in Favor of Phased-In Wage Bump for Small Businesses.

"And the reason is this: You are basically making the argument that unless you are allowed to pay people very little, your business has no chance of surviving"

This is just untrue, and intellectually dishonest.

You, personally ignore facts because they do not suit your point. How much do I'm Cool's bartenders make per hour? How bout cocktail servers?

How do you say the above quote when the truth is that FOH employees at a bar or restaurant make more than $15/hr currently? Why do you say that?

He probably pays his lead cook/chef $15+ already, or close to that. Lower tier kitchen might go as low as $12 or $11/hr. If they are seasoned veterans $13 or $14.

I estimate these wages because they are what I have, in a very similar business. This is what the market has driven us to pay, competing with the Douglas/Derschang/Meinert-type clans.

Restaurant/bar owners are ok with raising the minimum wage. We just need it done responsibly, especially when it comes to tipped employees.

As far as opening up books to some kind of "mob audit", now THAT sounds childish. It is in no way realistic/just/sane to require a business to completely open their books, lest they receive a 61% penalty. I don't want my competitors to know my numbers and I sure as heck don't want it spread over the SLOG for "hive-mind justice".
Apr 22, 2014 Jeffo commented on A Few More Thoughts on That Business-Backed Poll and the $15 Movement.

"You think I don't get around? Please show actual evidence that $7.25/hr states are not dominated by corporate chains. Everybody knows it's the opposite. The innovation and local ownership is in gentrified yuppie and hipster playgrounds".

10 Olive Gardens around the city of Atlanta, GA ($7.25 MW, none actually IN Atlanta) = the same as Seattle.

8 Olive Gardens around the city of Austin, TX ($7.25 MW, 2 actually IN Austin)

10 Olive Gardens around the city of Detroit, MI ($7.25 MW, NONE actually in Detroit)

These 3 cities have a healthy, indie (lucky-ass hipster/priveliged-fucking yuppie) restaurant/bar scene . How did they do it with all the wage-induced, chain domination and a $7.25 MW?

Try searching on Yelp in one of these cities for "burger". How many pages of results do you think you have to scroll through before you hit Burger King? Plenty of independent businesses.

Why do you keep bouncing from arguing about state MW, to federal MW, to city MW?