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May 2, 2014 bitethemailman commented on What Was the Last Piece of Music that Gave You the Chills?.
The opening bars of Phantogram's "Mouthful of Diamonds" came on the iPod as the plane I was on started powering up for takeoff a few days ago. Stare out the window and watch the ground disappear while listening to that. Brrrrrr. (Okay, so the rest of the song is about drugs. I get it.)
Aug 16, 2013 bitethemailman commented on Here's What Conservatives Say When They Talk About Gay People Behind Closed Doors.
You can all spout on about this woman, but don't forget that one of her aides stood up and took action, and even though he lost his job (that won't last long, though), his exposure has pretty much ensured the passage of San Antonio's non-discrimination ordinance. (Another councilman has affirmed support out of this, reportedly passing the threshold for passage.)

Well done, James Stevens.
Aug 13, 2013 bitethemailman commented on To Tip Your Server or Not to Tip Your Server: That Is Not the Question.
I'm usually between 15-20%, but I never know what to tip when it's just take-away; I'm not paying for service, so why should I tip? I show up, I pay, I leave with tip or not to tip?
Apr 19, 2013 bitethemailman commented on How Safeco Field Can Improve Attendance.
Derek - Cleveland's Ten Cent Beer Night was only the second-most successful promotion/riot in baseball infamy. The top award goes to the Chicago White Sox, now and forever, for Disco Demolition Night. Not only did that one have cheap beer a-plenty and large-scale rioting, it also had fireworks, and a bonfire set in center field.

Baseball deserves a mostly-harmless promotion-night-gone-awry once a decade or so. (I'm sick of bobbleheads.) Perhaps Seattle can come up with something? Isn't Bat Day being revived this season?
Apr 4, 2013 bitethemailman commented on Hey Hockey Fans, Is Your Favorite Player Still on Your Team?.
The Rangers acquired Ryane Clowe from SJ on Tuesday, Derek Brassard and Jon Moore from CLS yesterday, and shipped out Marian Gaborik.

Gaborik (Season, 35 games): 9G, 10A
Clowe, Brassard, Moore (Yesterday vs Penguins): 4G, 4A

Yup, I'm good.
Apr 2, 2013 bitethemailman commented on Slog Poll: Are You a Super Reader?.
I wonder how this information correlates to quality and access to a library system. I certainly read more than 12 books a year but I sure as shit don't purchase all of them (maybe 3 of every 12 or so).

I can walk to the library; as a result I read all the time. (Something else the article missed: one of the first places I go is the staff picks shelf in the library.) Finish a book, return it, grab a new one.

We talk about 'food deserts'; what about 'lit deserts'?
Feb 14, 2013 bitethemailman commented on The Ballad of Leonard Cooper.
I'm so happy this is making the rounds on the internet. SO HAPPY
Feb 8, 2013 bitethemailman commented on Capitol Hill Needs a Salad Bar.
@12 - the place in Madison Valley is DELICIOUS. Seriously, its really good salad. And, I do believe they deliver a few days a week.
Feb 3, 2013 bitethemailman commented on Smash, Smash, SMASH!!!.
Small detail for the absurd: Check out the first video during the first few seconds. The smashed up car driven by "Jesus" has Washington plates on it. I'm not reading any further into this matter.
Jan 23, 2013 bitethemailman commented on Republicans Say the Dumbest Things.
Sooner or later, Republican leadership will learn the meaning and application of the word "censure"....or I might get struck by lightning and win the lottery on the same day instead. I think I know which is likelier to occur.