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Mar 26 hexalm commented on Take Your Burning Rage from Yesterday's Traffic Mess and Fire It Toward Olympia.
I feel compelled to point out that in studies of congestion they've found (shock!) that people will adjust to whatever infrastructure you build.
Expand roads? People will use them more (live further away from work, etc).
Expand transit? People will use it more AND other people will use the extra capacity you just freed up on the road to drive.

You're increasing capacity either way, but people just tend to use that capacity to cause at least some level of congestion. That's not an argument against alternative forms of transit, as many of those have particular advantages anyway (including but not limited to issues of traffic and congestion--air quality comes to mind). Reading about this business has made me appreciate the "no solution solution" of surface streets (instead of reviling it like I did at the time).

So it's worth remembering that people react to transit changes as much as transit changes are made in reaction to people. For acute problems like Tuesday (my solution as an SOV eastside semi-commuter: stay at work until late), I think no matter how much transit you had, you'd still have all the people who plan to drive stuck on the roads. But of course they would be a smaller share of overall commuters if we had more capacity for other transit alternatives.
Dec 15, 2014 hexalm commented on SL Letter of the Day: Flat Footed.
@3 is so much win...
Nov 3, 2013 hexalm commented on The Stranger's Voters' Guide!.
I see Vandana Shiva mentioned above. She's been peddling the message that Monsanto's policies have led to thousands of suicides in India by farmers.

While this is a lamentable situation, there's one problem: the high rate of suicide was noted years before Monsanto started doing business there!
Nov 3, 2013 hexalm commented on The Stranger's Voters' Guide!.
In response to @44/@39
You cited 2 utter misses (not even 'research' per se) and 2 flawed bits of research.

*The wheat report by CSIRO was dead wrong. They assumed that eating wheat containing certain proteins would shut off gene expression in your cells because of a DNA sequence match. Rebuttal: 'GMO Wheat and shouting “fire” in a crowded theater' (The Biofortified Blog) - bit technical, but clearly explains the flaws--they found only a very short sequence match... it's like trawling through random numbers until you find pi to 3 digits, since you couldn't find it to 100 digits...

*Seralini study you point to is incredibly flawed. They provided no information on the amount of food the rats received, when rats are known to get more cancer with age and unrestricted diet. They also used less than half the recommended sample size for this type of experiment. Control groups diet wasn't specified...you just can't leave details like this out! Terrible science.
There's a Forbes article about this ('Scientists smell a rat...'), and the Wikipedia article 'Seralini affair' section 'Scientific evaluation' shows how broadly criticized the study has been in the scientific community.
Naturally they orchestrated media control in such a way as to maximize sensationalism.

*'The nutritionally dead, highly toxic' thing is not even about nutrition, it's based on false advertising and soil samples. Check out 'The physics police' blog article, 'don't eat dirt'. Another case of alarmism run amok.

That's enough for me tonight. At a glance, the "Goodman affair" thing sounds like more Monsanto conspiracy talk. One of several editors on a journal with expertise in testing GMs for toxicology is a Monsanto guy? It's not like they took over several journals, or even one journal.
Jul 10, 2013 hexalm commented on Savage Love.
Bah, just pretend I used the right tags for italics...
Jul 10, 2013 hexalm commented on Savage Love.
@61: mydriasis SMASH!
...I mean that in a good way, I think you nailed it.

Even assuming this guy was on of the womanizers described by another commenter, when you go to another country AND to another person's house, you're still a guest.

To me, being a good guest means not overstaying your welcome, abiding by local custom, and not burdening your host.

I know that some schools of thinking in regards to hospitality expect the host to be generous and gracious, but there are limits to that (and it's highly dubious to apply that to one night stand, anyway).

On the other side of it, a tourist is also likely to be taken for something of mark, which is as true of locals picking up tourists as it is of people selling random crap to tourists (or otherwise taking advantage of tourism).

That means [i]caveat emptor[/i]--and try not to throw a fit when you get screwed, literally or figuratively.
Mar 10, 2013 hexalm commented on Wait, That's GMO, Too?.
Would just like to point out that the vast majority of Monsanto's lawsuits against farmers were against farmers who intentionally reserved seeds from GM strains, rather than those who 'accidentally' grew the crops in question via contamination or the like. It was a few months ago when I was looking into this, but I believe I found that they'd filed around 100 such lawsuits in the US. I can't remember exactly right now, but it was either only 11 that found for Monsanto in the end, or only 11 that involved accidental contamination.

Either way, the actual impact on honest farmers seems relatively small, and it's almost entirely driven by farmers not honoring their agreements when they purchase GM crops (it's a bizarre situation, but I don't have much sympathy when people go back on their word, even against a more or less classically 'evil' chemical company like Monsanto).

Contamination by GM crops is a real issue, but generally has a limited distance, beyond which it drops to nil (I did find a study about this before, it seemed to be one of the first such studies, as the issue of contamination wasn't something that seemed like a priority in monoculture land, I suppose). I don't think I was able to find info on the alleged cases of GM crops eliminating heirloom crops via contamination/hybridization; I'd be shocked if that was true and it wasn't just a case of strangling the market into that sort of situation (reminiscent of cases where the IMF and such have mandated that nations receiving their funds must use GM high yield crops, only for drought or the like to cause them to fail).
Jan 24, 2013 hexalm commented on Savage Love.
@60: Thank you, mister danton (brother danton? Hah!), for breaking my mind! Great fun.
Oct 31, 2012 hexalm commented on Savage Love.
Ah, the catch-22 of wanting third parties but nobody voting for them. @37 and the opposing view point do bring up good points (although I think Horton is overstating the case against Obama).

If my state's electoral votes weren't certainly going to Obama, I'd not have protest voted for a third party, but he leads Romney by such a margin that my vote isn't going to be worth much.

And since the vast majority of people I'm surrounded by end up voting pragmatically for the Dems, I'm not worried about a surprise result upset. I don't see 800,000 people doing what I did...

If either of these things wasn't true, I'd not have voted the way I did. It felt good not to limit myself based on fear though.

The one decision I'm regretting is voting so early...a little more suspense than I'm used to, since I usually do it last minute!
Oct 28, 2012 hexalm commented on I, Anonymous.
...attach herself like an obnoxious AZ post...

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