Oct 10 hexalm commented on SL Letter of the Day: Thanks For the "Cure," Mom..
Er, why not just tell her that she actually harmed him with her behavior?
No need to give details about his sex life. He can let that part go and still address her misguided parenting. It's less poignant to say something without that "you have kink to thank" angle, but if he came out as kinky, I imagine MOTHER would get an earful of the same business that our new resident troll/perpetual disagreer/unheeded voice in the wilderness has left above.

I like how judgy the troll is in spite of probably being the last person anyone in a successful kinky relationship would confide in about their kink (and thus being the most ignorant on the subject). It's that selection bias where we only hear about the explosions/implosions, never mind how often shit goes south without kink or 'deviancy' being involved.
Jul 26 hexalm commented on A Conversation With a #BernieOrBuster About Dinner.
It could've been enchanted potatoes that lost the first round and it's the same. Or maybe the enchanted potatoes (they're magically delicious) are the third way alternative to strychnine here, given how unlikely it is that there are magical tubers.
Jun 24 hexalm commented on Watch Out for I-1515 Signature Gatherers.
@6 probably not. I'm not sure if they're paid signature gatherers, but it'd make sense if they were and just wanted to get as many petitions signed as possible. I'm kind of curious exactly the nature of the involvement, having run into them and this exact issue last weekend.

@11 LOL
Jun 17 hexalm commented on Savage Love.
@45 nocutename, great post, articulates exactly my feelings on the subject.

Also, there's a simple solution to tightly-tucked bedsheets with hands outside: hump the sheets to orgasm.
May 16 hexalm commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: How Can I Be a Good Ally to My Abusive Trans Ex?.
@53 brilliant, I was just thinking about that scene, but hadn't connected it to the letter. IT really is about preferred nomenclature vs rug-pissing...
May 10 hexalm commented on Why Cliff Mass Is a Very Dangerous Weatherperson.
I had a much longer comment written, but Mudede seems to have read one quote and mostly ignored the rest of what Mass wrote, and context he provided. Reading Mass' post, he points out specifically that the Alberta region's warming trend has been modest compared to what natural variation from other sources can contribute.

The biggest risk for what CM (Cliff Mass) tends to say about the relationship between extreme weather events and global warming trends is people taking little quotes out of context to support denialism, since he generally acknowledges the possibility of contribution from human-caused warming. Ironically, this CM (Charles Mudede) proves it's a problem by taking the other CM out of context himself.

Mass seems to be correct that we don't have a definitive causal link to this one event in this one region at this one time. But it's entirely possible he's missing the bigger picture a little bit. Perhaps less so than people who (anecdotally) point to every extreme weather event as evidence of warming, which is about as well-founded as whichever Republican cited a snowball as evidence there wasn't warming.
May 10 hexalm commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Missing Person Report.
Props to Xiaogui @20 for pointing that out (I just read a 'historical myths that are widely believed' post that covered it).

Agree with @22 that the gross interpretation of the Genovese case as being pure bystander effect need not apply to derive a lesson about this LW's neighbor noises.
May 3 hexalm commented on In 5-4 Vote, City Council Kills Street Vacation for New Sodo Arena.
@37 yeah, no. In the immediate vicinity I'll grant it's not *so* bad, but I spent years commuting to the Eastside on a regular basis and I live in First Hill. The traffic impact is HUGE on the freeways, especially on weekdays. I've had plenty of first hand experience with congestion on surface streets, and it is worse on game days (try taking Dearborn or Rainier in the vicinity of I-90).

And generally it's still a losing battle to drive toward the stadiums when getting off the freeways (there used to be a shortcut taking Edgar Martinez drive from 90 to 99, but it was not to be attempted on game days--I've been stuck trying to turn onto 4th from that offramp for more time than I care to recall).
Apr 7 hexalm commented on Savage Love.
@108 it's kind of the counterpart to the father in the SLLOTD today--pathologizing something that doesn't require pathology to explain.

I confess it seemed to make sense to me a long time ago to explain sexuality not in the middle of the bell curve that way, before I was exposed to any kind of diversity of sexuality.
Apr 7 hexalm commented on Savage Love.
@107 Hunter - that one occurred to me as well. Not "get medieval on me" as I said above, but "get Teutonic on me". (The mouse probably wants his Teutonic all over it, knowing this column.)