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For the girl suffering the infections: I have been there, I know your pain, and it is mighty. For several years I would get yeast infections about every 6 weeks, often times so bad that I couldn't walk straight :(

Here's what's worked for me
1) Increase probiotics bigtime: eat lots of yogurt and/ or take a daily probiotic. Acidophilus kills Candida, which is the bacteria that causes yeast infections.

2) This is a bit out there, but it works for me. If you feel a bit of discomfort like you're on the verge of a full-on infection, take a clove of garlic, remove the peel, and insert it into your vagina overnight. Remove it in the morning and repeat as many nights as you feel is useful. Its a natural anti-biotic, probably won't do much once you're really fully infected, but it can head it off at the pass. Downside: gives you strong garlic breath.....

3) Also in terms of diet, I've seen recommendations to reduce things with baker's/ brewer's yeast in them (i.e. bread and beer). Not sure if this works, but it might help.

4) You're probably already doing this, but only wear cotton underwear, don't wear underwear at night if possible, and never stay in a wet bathing suit longer than possible.

5) If you suddenly have pain during sex, bring the intensity down immediately, if you keep pounding away it will make it much worse. Go down to the lightest most basic touch until it stops hurting, or give it a rest and blow your guy for a while, then try again slowly.

Good luck!