Mar 26, 2015 redbelt commented on Mayor Ed Murray Wants to Ban Smoking in Parks, and the City Says There's Nothing Unfair About That.
Who's this ass clown, Heidi? Ever hear of NYC? Smoking ban has done wonders for the Big Apple, even saved lives. Apparently The Stranger is hiring morons these days.
May 17, 2014 redbelt commented on Exquisite Corpses.
Very interesting and well written. Thanks for this!
Apr 23, 2014 redbelt commented on It's Time for Plan C: A Seattle-Only Transit Solution.
Wow, Seattle mass transit has really gone down hill since I left in 2010. Y'all got rollerblades?
Oct 28, 2013 redbelt commented on Lou and Behold: What Are the Best Velvet Underground/Reed Covers?.
Always liked Jane's Addiction's version of Rock and Roll.
May 23, 2013 redbelt commented on Hella Elegiac: Boards of Canada's "Reach for the Dead".
This is nice. Sounds like BOC have been listening to some Burial and witch-house artists...which is cool of course because most of those artists were influenced to some extent by BOC. I like an artist that can vibe off of and incorporate sounds from artists and sub-genres that they helped spawn.
Feb 27, 2013 redbelt commented on The Return of Tricky.
Are you telling us that an unimaginative and watered down remix of a cut an artist has previously recorded/released is a comeback?
Feb 20, 2013 redbelt commented on The Greatest Rapper of All Time.
What about KRS-One?
Sep 24, 2012 redbelt commented on The Truth About Apple's iPhone 5.
Grateful that my iPhone 5 shipped before all this went down.
Aug 2, 2012 redbelt commented on The Best Songs About Planes.
M.I.A. - Paper Planes
Jun 5, 2012 redbelt commented on The Dark Knight Rises Is Almost Three Hours Long: What Do You Think?.
This post brought to you by 'Depends'(TM). I didn't know geriatrics were a new target audience for The Stranger.