Jul 10, 2013 JeanV commented on SL Letter of the Day: His Anglican Organ.
@ 11 Wait. " ... a douche is something bad and harmful for the person using it ...?" But I douche every day! So far, I haven't been harmed. Not that its apropos to your argument, just saying this is the first I've heard of it.
Jun 3, 2013 JeanV commented on SL Letter of the Day: My Ex-Boyfriend.
@7 @8 Transgender/transsexual
Apr 9, 2013 JeanV commented on Two Year Old Shoots Mother In the Stomach With Significant Other's Glock.
@6 FTW, my thoughts exactly. I really don't have a problem with guns ... I have a problem with the idiots who we allow to have them.
Apr 3, 2013 JeanV commented on The Worst Place On Earth.
As a trans person who has experience working to defeat a similar law that they tried to pass here in Maine, I would like to point out that non-transgendered people already go into 'opposite-sex' restrooms with no complaints or consequences: mothers with young sons, fathers with young daughters, care givers with elderly or handicapped family members, regular cis-gendered women who have gotten tired of waiting in the long line of the ladies room, etc. So why can non-transgendered people have access to either bathroom but transgendered people cannot?
Mar 24, 2013 JeanV commented on SL Letter of the Day: Help Kate Bornstein Beat Cancer.
The arguments about whether Kate will be able to "beat" this illness or not are really moot to my mind. Kate will eventually die as will we all. My donation was not given in any attempt to give her (or myself) immortality. It was given simply because she was helpful to me at some point in my life and I choose to return the favor. What goes around comes around.
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Feb 4, 2013 JeanV joined My Stranger Face
Feb 4, 2013 JeanV commented on The Money You're Spending On College Tuition?.
I am nearing 60. In 1971 I dropped out of high school, studied on my own for a few years, did lots of menial and manual labor jobs, and then worked my way through a series of "trade" jobs, learning along the way. By 1979 I had a master electrician's license. I've never had trouble getting work (have had my own business for about 20 years), and have never been more than a few thousand dollars in debt ... which includes getting a paralegal degree at the age of 45 that I have never used. "Education" is easy and relatively inexpensive. The "college degree" myth is just that and can suck you dry if you're not very careful. It's like that editorial cartoon where the guy says: "Who says this restaurant has no class? I just hired a PhD to wash dishes."