Yeah, it's a copy of that.

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Feb 4, 2013 Kelzey commented on If Your Gay Kid Is Being Bullied At School And He Begs You To Homeschool Him....
I was home schooled after not being able to cope at school and it saved my life. It truly helped the youth in my circle that could not cope at school anymore. They were not all gay, in fact i was not even aware I was gay then so its beside the point. Bullying is life altering. Im almost 30 years old and I remember the torture an that was before things like FB and texting. Homes schooling is not only for the well off, there are many, many online programs and schools that even supply laptops for the schooler. All you need is a safe space! We can debate for ever about the nature of man and cruelty etc but the fact is, we need options. These kids need options for a safe space to go during those years that they have the lowest self esteem and are most victimized. The most sensitive people are going to be the ones that change this world for the better and they are also the ones that can not tolerate ongoing abuse.

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