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Feb 4, 2013 lynnbasa joined My Stranger Face
Feb 4, 2013 lynnbasa commented on Mary Shirley, Leading Art Collector, Has Died.
Mary and Jon gave me one of my first major commissions when I was working with rugs as my art form. It was a intimidating at first because she said I could do whatever I wanted -- complete artistic freedom! I'd never had that before with a commission. And they didn't stick the rugs in a bedroom, they put them right out there in the main gallery of their home. I not only lived off of this commission for a year, but it propelled me to the next level of my career. Even though the Shirley's are known for their blue chip art collection, Mary was also a patron to local, much lesser-known artists. And she could've been a snob with all that good taste and money but, like many have noted here, she was as down-to-earth as they come.

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