6:12 PM yesterday Clara T commented on On the Blabbermouth Podcast: Do Trump-Voting Hillbillies Deserve Sympathy?.
Some white people have plight, historic poverty, are and have been wantonly exploited by powerful interests. Easy enough in print to have contempt; but look in the faces of a bunch of six year olds in Aberdeen and tell them fuck off - you will never be anything but a burdensome dumbfuck not worth my concern? These are people too, "lock her up" yard signs or not, still subject to the social forces that push them around. Plenty of contemptuous behavior and thought patterns out there in people of all stripes; grates against my core ethics to care about some but not others.
5:53 PM yesterday Clara T commented on FBI: Trump "Associates" Communicated With Russian Operatives.
@2 Micturian Candidate!!?? Bwahahahaha! So clever - if that's your own you need to write for the Daily Show.

Listened to some right wing radio today (I know, but can't help myself) and the spectacle of backpedaling disassociation while simultaneously equivocating to non-parallel instances of "Democrat" foreign influence was breathtaking.
Mar 15 Clara T commented on A New Bill From Washington State Lawmakers Would Force Heroin and Opioid Users Into Treatment.
@2 your facile understanding of what happens at medical schools is laughable.
Feb 13 Clara T commented on You Deserve Better Than Fifty Shades Darker—We All Do.
I'm waaaaaay too good for this poorly written anti-feminist tripe, and truly pity the hundreds of thousands of mainstream suckers who've enjoyed tens of millions of extra orgasms since they unfortunately came across it. So wrong, so sad. If only we could muster enough collective smug to talk those poor victims back into not fucking.
Feb 13 Clara T commented on A Judge's Decision Today Could Stop the City from Unfairly Trashing Homeless People's Belongings.
This is a tricky issue in that it requires fair discretion from low-level city workers, and no one is going to be able to be fair all the time, much less overworked crews of career garbage removers.

Take a walk down under the south end of the Ballard bridge were a sizable faction of Jungle residents seem to have moved when that little paradise was shut down a year ago. Tell me what's just abandoned trash and what's not - you can't. At least 50% of the stuff/trash down there could be reasonably argued either way. And it's totally unreasonable to expect the city to track down the transient owner of every piss and rain-soaked filthy mattress and work through some perverse version of the Hoarders tv show. The effect of this law suit will be that effectively we can't clean up homeless camps at all.

In the meantime it's getting positively ripe down under that bridge with the stink of the human shit that's mixed in with some of the garbage/stuff. Given that as a city we allow people to live in these places for years, a reasonable first step would be to deliver those people a couple of toilets so the poop and piss could be taken out of the equation. And a sharps disposal for the needles. And maybe even a tank to dispense clean drinking water - hey why not dream big ...
Feb 9 Clara T commented on Girls Has Been a Gift—a Gift with Baggage, but a Gift Nonetheless.
I watch it but so fucking navel gazing - Broad City's got a better sense of humor
Feb 9 Clara T commented on Victim of Shooting at UW Milo Yiannopoulos Protest Still in Serious Condition, Alleged Shooter Remains Uncharged.
Dude who got shot has a shitty lawyer - there are 100 great lawyers in town who'd jump at the chance to make the shooter and the cops accountable.
Feb 8 Clara T commented on Jill Stein Is a Right-Wing Tool.
If Stein's a right wing tool she's been in deep cover for a long fucking time: http://popcrush.com/jill-stein-band-some…
Jan 28 Clara T commented on UW Instructor Gets Doxxed, Harassed and Threatened After the Milo Yiannopoulos Protests.
Hey 21 free speech IS great; people are threatening violence and threatening his family. If that's A-okay with you, you better fucking pray no one ever out you! Or is there some sort if disconnect of empathy and sliding set of princioles at work with you? Obviously yes. Personally I prefer that you're anonymous - much more fun to picture just a soft rosy mouth and weak chin sputtering pudding on a keyboard in mama's basement.
Jan 27 Clara T commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: She's Wonderful! She's Perfect! (But I'd Like Bigger Boobs...).
Cleaning the poop off your chest before making extended eye contact with your Uber driver?