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Oct 6 Clara T commented on Bartender Crush: Matt at Bathtub Gin.
@3 Yes, 1.2 million Argentine high school kids, who mix it with coke and sip one for 4 hours. It founds it's way North into the hipster scene via trips to ultra-cheap post-currency collapse Buenos Aires in 2006. Great stuff actually.
Sep 30 Clara T commented on Restaurant Guy David Meinert Urges Staff to Lobby for Tip Deduction from $15 Wage or "Tips Will Probably Go Away" and Overall Wages Will Drop.
the best Facebook comment on this: Fuck you, he didn't do what you told him!
Sep 18 Clara T commented on Only 6 Percent of Workers on City Construction Projects Live in Seattle, Council Considers Local-Hiring Mandate.
why aren't we building affordable housing for Seattle teachers, firefighters and cops on the site of the disused Fort Lawton National Guard base? Oh that's right - we're not San Francisco, or New York, or Portland, or any of the other cities that made this happen.
Sep 18 Clara T commented on Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul, and the Calamity of Believing That God Is the Only True Thing.
Paul independent of reading comment I scrolled down to say that this is just a superb bit of prose - all of it but goddamn that first paragraph is something to behold. You gotz skills bruda get paid!
Sep 12 Clara T commented on Why an Acura Ad Is More Dangerous Than ISIS.
"and yet"!!!!!!! lmfao

The advertising tack in which the car is the serene bubble away from the chaos is nothing new. Let's say you were a highly paid developer working downtown. Yes, you'd then be a rich dick who head will roll in the street when the revolution (never) comes. But you'd also be fucking stressed out, all day every day at work. It would be a whole different scene from your strolly foot commute to the land of free Cronuts and who's got the coolest Goodwill sweater. The art and outrage and self expression would be replaced by long days of hassle with a hassle on top and a side of hassle. That's the cost of adding zeros to the end of your paycheck. By the time 6:30 rolls around you'd want to close yourself into an isolation tank too. And hence you'd respond to messing that says you get to do that the second you step out of the elevator into your car.

Seriously I thought you were going to go down the "crows are symbolic of black people" road, which is actually really quite defensible. Recheck the ad for images of raccoon and it might connote homeless-phobia as well.
Sep 11 Clara T commented on The NFL, Domestic Violence, and #WhyIStayed.
Jesus fucking Christ #16 really? This thread is dead and gone and still I have to respond. Have you seen Ray Rice's forearms? How can you possibly justify crushing someone with a baseball bat when they've flicked you with a chop stick?

I'll say this: there is a difference between a an obsessive, seducing, escalating abuser and a guy with an anger and impulse control problem. Sometimes they overlap, but in this case I think probably not. Rice should be fired of, but the more important question now is what the fuck did the NFL think a woman getting punched unconscious looked like? A backhand slap from a Humphrey Bogart film? They're not stupid - they goddamn knew exactly what went down. But getting it in the past and continuing to print money is of course the priority. Hopefully some of our smarter legislators light Goodell up like an embarrassed Christmas tree.
Sep 8 Clara T commented on Records Show Council Stripped Out Funding Pledge from Bike-Safety Legislation.
#2 fucking kills it.

I'm still red hot pissed off about this. Hang them fucking high - boot in the ass out the door at the next election.
Sep 7 Clara T commented on Wine Not Wine.
Yeah there's way more faults than those listed. Mercaptan is a fucking disaster - worst of them all. Over the top lacto is one everyone hates but no one knows how to identify. And of course there's the flaw known as thinking for the last 6 or 7 years Leonetti Reserve has been anything but a flaming hot muddled boozy mess that will never ever ever come around. That one's called Sammamishitis, a condition where one has more disposable income than taste.
Aug 29 Clara T commented on Cyclist Killed on 2nd Avenue.
also 73 people are right - DON'T post anything else about this because of potential legal repercussions.

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