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Farts Weird
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Jul 8 Farts Weird commented on Today Washington Tackled One Drug Bogeyman—So What's Next?.
Psilocybin. Immediately.
May 31 Farts Weird commented on Short Film Friday: A Little Comedy by Linas Phillips.
@2 you're the worst.
May 6 Farts Weird commented on New Shabazz Palaces: "They Come In Gold".
This comment thread is making my grass die.
May 1 Farts Weird commented on Why We Are Marching on the King County Juvenile Detention Center This Evening.
Please, have your parents buy you a one-way ticket to Somalia. It's refreshingly free of courts, capital and a functioning state.
Oct 14, 2013 Farts Weird commented on "Leader Not Tweeter".
Oct 14, 2013 Farts Weird commented on "Leader Not Tweeter".
@2 You don't know the difference between the Articles of Confederacy and the Southern Confederacy bro
Mar 26, 2013 Farts Weird commented on Seattle's Socialist Job-Killing Agenda at Work.
Without Socialism, most of these counties would have 40% unemployment rates.
Mar 21, 2013 Farts Weird commented on Sacramento Fails to Finalize Arena Deal as NBA Deadline Approaches.
All those Minnesota Lakers and New Orleans jazz fans are rooting for Sacramento right now.
Dec 21, 2012 Farts Weird commented on NRA Fantasy-Land.
There's an armed guard in every bank, which is why there hasn't been a successful armed bank robbery since 1885.
Dec 6, 2012 Farts Weird commented on WHO IS THIS?.
Missing Morgan in this pic.

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