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Apr 24, 2013 Felicia Coherent commented on Savage Love.
Um. Why is a 16-yr-old not allowed to have sleepovers with another 16-yr-old? It's a perfectly acceptable age to start experimenting with sex in my book. Why are parents expected to try to stop their teenagers from having sex? Teens will have sex anyway, surely educating them about ways to have safer sex and generally being relaxed about it is a better way to not fuck them up the way so many generations before them were by a society that treats sex as something strange, icky and possibly dangerous (but at the same time titillating)?
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Feb 6, 2013 Felicia Coherent commented on Savage Love.
To the advice already given I'd add this: BABB's girlfriend should insist on the use of lube BEFORE she starts getting uncomfortable. Also pull out, do something else (as per Dan's suggestions) and then reapply lube BEFORE it dries out again. Inserting stuff into a vagina that it's not prepared for is a great way to create future sexual hang-ups for the person who owns said vagina. Not to mention actual tearing if you're not careful.

Lube is not something bad or boring and there should be no sense of "failure" for needing to use it, especially if the man is cut and/or large. In fact say after me: Lube is good. Unless you're very below average size-wise, it's practically impossible to use too much.