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Sep 4, 2014 SAM FANTASY II commented on Public Memorial Service for Bob Gogerty Tomorrow at Town Hall.
Bob was a regular at the restaurant I bartended at and I had the pleasure of getting to know him over the last couple of years. He was a kind man who would always be interested in all sides of whatever issue was being argued about by whomever was sitting at the bar. He had a genuinely inquisitive spirit- a rare quality.
Jul 15, 2014 SAM FANTASY II commented on Meth Banshee Found Under Bed in University District.
A dead dog is found at a scene adding
Nov 24, 2012 SAM FANTASY II commented on Mexico's PRI Takes the Reins in December: Get Ready for the New Pax Narcotica.
@12 we call those people "cocaine vegans"
Nov 8, 2012 SAM FANTASY II commented on Yup, This Is Racist.
Of all the challenges facing Native American groups today (voter disenfranchisement, high dropout and suicide rates among teens, higher unemployment rates, etc...) I don't understand why this issue is consistently getting the most coverage.
There is another level of folklorization going on here that I am surprised Paul, Kelly, etc.. haven't picked up on.
Oct 15, 2012 SAM FANTASY II commented on Seattle Megafest #4 is One Week Away.
So I heard a rumor, and if this is totally off base I apologize, but Taco Time Northwest is pulling their sponsorship because of the wrong logo, belonging to Taco Time, a separate franchise, on the poster. Unless local business leaders can pitch in and help to make up the shortfall of one large order of mexifries and two crisp bean burritos the whole thing may be canceled.
Aug 15, 2012 SAM FANTASY II commented on KMCQ: What Happened?.
So I spent a bunch of time looking at weird radio industry forums to figure out what the deal was with 104.5 and the reason for the format change.
The reason 104.5 didn't have any commercials and the magical playlist is the owners basically bought it to "flip it" by doing a bunch of radio industry things like changing the city of license and swapping frequencies. This all took several years and by the time it was ready to sell the economy was in the pits and terrestrial radio's future was growing increasingly bleak.
Now, the owners (First Broadcasting) haven't found a buyer but have instead brought in a new operator, some company out of Anchorage, perhaps to make it more appealing to potential buyers or to finally monetize their property.
I don't know anything about this stuff so by all means let me know if you work in the industry and I am misunderstanding the situation.
- "Scoop" Rousso
Aug 10, 2012 SAM FANTASY II commented on "100 Reasons the DJ Hates You".
If djing wasn't totally annoying none of us would ever get paid.
Jun 18, 2012 SAM FANTASY II commented on On Tour: Quintron & Miss Pussycat.
me too. q and p show is my zen place.
Feb 23, 2011 SAM FANTASY II commented on What Is the Worst Cover Version Ever?.
Billy Idol "Heroin" off of the Cyberpunk album.…
Dec 18, 2010 SAM FANTASY II commented on John Totten: How El Corazon Kicked Me Out Of A Show That I Was Playing.
I remember hearing a story, around 10 years ago, about this kid, who due to one act of snobby, youthful aggression or another, was told that he would be banned from ever setting foot into the Old Fire House unless he got on stage and apologized to the aggrieved party in front of everybody.
He gets on stage, apologizes, and follows it up with something along the lines of "...but not I am not really sorry. They just made me say that."



Also, what is the meaning of tagging this story "TIP?"
That can be read in several different ways. Or, at least, two different ways.