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Oct 7, 2015 Bob Koerner commented on I Walked Out at Intermission! A Review of the First Half of What We Talk About When We Talk About Love at Book-It.
Oh, great. Notorious half-play reviewer Brendan Kiley is going to be replaced by another person who can't be bothered to write about the whole production. You're absolutely right, that paying customers should leave if they're not enjoying the entertainment they paid to see. The reviewer, however, is being paid to be there, and should be expected to do the whole job. The job of the Critic is to discuss how the many elements of a production worked together to create the experience, and how well the Artists accomplished the things they set out to achieve. It's kind of pretentious to suggest you can do that without seeing all of the elements. Did the Stranger pay you half the usual rate for this article?
Feb 14, 2015 Bob Koerner commented on Theater Artist (and Former Stranger Performance Editor) Bret Fetzer Attacked Last Night at 11th & Pine.
Once again, the Stranger feels comfortable posting in Public a post from Facebook that was shared only with Bret's friends. Sean, please check the little icon next to the post to see the privacy settings, before you decide it's OK to reprint your friends' updates.
Aug 3, 2014 Bob Koerner commented on Ira Glass Tweets: "I Think I'm Realizing: Shakespeare Sucks".
Maybe Ira Glass would appreciate Shakespeare more if we took a five-year hiatus from producing his works.
Jul 8, 2014 Bob Koerner commented on Patty Murray and Senate Democrats Draft Bill to Override Hobby Lobby's Anti-Birth-Control Bullshit.
@17: If anybody was forcing Hobby Lobby to provide abortions, I'd be sympathetic to what you wrote. That's not what was happening, though. Hobby Lobby is required to provide insurance as part of an employee's compensation, just like every other company, with minimum levels of coverage, just like every other company. How the employee chooses to use that insurance coverage is none of Hobby Lobby's business, or anyone else's for that matter.
Dec 13, 2013 Bob Koerner commented on Consider Yourself Warned.
@4: I defy you to explain how knowing the organizational hierarchy of 19th Century London Workhouses would have made "Boy for Sale" less tedious.
Nov 1, 2013 Bob Koerner commented on Economist Suggests That Instead of Falling Back This Week, We Kill Daylight Saving Time and Split the Country into Two Time Zones.
If businesses think it's such a great idea to open an hour earlier in the summer, why don't they just do that? The stores all set "holiday hours" when they want to stay open later in the winter, why can't they set "summer hours" where they open and close an hour earlier? We don't need to screw around with the clocks to do that, do we?

I especially don't understand the people who want DST all year. If we're going to have the clocks the same all year (like we should), they should be set to Standard Time all year, so noon is around when the sun is highest. Set your business hours whenever you want to set them, so you can still go home and enjoy the evening. It's not like anybody is open 9:00 to 5:00 anyway.
Sep 28, 2013 Bob Koerner commented on Jazz and Dance Audiences Are Up (a Little), Theater Audiences Are Down (a Lot).
The pricing problem is very real, though. For the Seattle Rep to meet expenses for a year, just as an example, it would need to sell every seat in both of its theaters for $20 apiece, 365 nights a year. This is clearly impossible. Sometimes, they're going to put up a show that isn't a complete, sell-out, smash hit. And their current budget doesn't include paying the whole cast and crew every night, either; it would be more expensive to produce that much, so the prices would have to be higher. In the current environment, at their current ticket prices (about which you are complaining), they're earning less than 45% of their expenses and making the rest of it up through contributions and other sources. The ticket prices aren't high because they're catering to an elite audience, they're high because that's what it costs to pay the artists a living wage. There's no way for a live theater to compete with film prices, except by asking the artists to subsidize it. Small theaters with ticket prices comparable to movie tickets are only able to do so by asking the artists to donate their time, shifting the cost onto the performers instead of the audience.
Sep 28, 2013 Bob Koerner commented on Jazz and Dance Audiences Are Up (a Little), Theater Audiences Are Down (a Lot).
Come on. The joy of the live experience is that when the audience gets into something — laughs a little longer, startles a little harder, holds their breath a little tighter — the performers can feel that and adapt to it. If something isn't working, the performers can speed up and get past it, or do something different that might work better. The performance does not go at the predetermined pace of the Editor who pieced it all together; when it works, it goes with a flow that is shared between the performers and the audience. Watching a movie is only live for the viewer; the performers can literally be dead and long gone. That is the experience that cannot be replaced by a movie, TV, or video made of performances that were originally live. Nobody questions the difference between downloading an audio track and seeing a band perform live. Why would anyone conversant with theater try to pretend a live show and a recorded performance are not different in the same way?
Apr 26, 2013 Bob Koerner commented on Attention Actors—Your License to Whine Has Been Revoked.
When The Stranger limits your gig to 6 weeks, and you have to apply for a new position and travel to a different city 6 or 7 times a year on your own dime to fill those gigs, you might get to start whining a little to actors.
Apr 17, 2013 Bob Koerner commented on Guess Who's All Pissed Off at Our Story About "Swan Lake"?.
Now someone from the ballet needs to write back to criticize Brendan for criticizing their employee for criticizing the review.