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Feb 9, 2013 jules1117 joined My Stranger Face
Feb 9, 2013 jules1117 commented on "There is no punk band more overrated than The Clash.".
To the guy who said, "I'm amazed it took 23 posts for the "omg clash arnt punx" post to show up. Next you'll be trying to tell me Fall Out Boy isn't punk rock either." (post 29 & 30)

You've got to be fucking kidding me.... Fall Out Boy???! FALL OUT BOY!?!??!

*Takes a deep breath and slowly exhales*

Your idiocy wows me. Fall Out Boy has no right to be associated anywhere near the likeness of The Clash, the genre of Punk, and more importantly, music itself. The Clash was punk...yeah, they were signed to Sony, but every fucking influential artist was signed to a major label (back then and before). It's not like it is today where the major labels are spitting out these fabricated, cookie-cutter "artists" who don't write a single word, play a single note, and more often than not, can't sing on key to save their lives (this is where their Lord and Savior Auto-tune comes in). The Clash meant something, and they still do. They stood up for what they believed in...human rights, free speech, the working class. Having said that, I think every band in existence is overrated to a degree...I mean, The Clash is one of my favorite bands...does that mean I love EVERY one of their songs?? No way. Same goes for The Beatles and The Stones... Not every song is as good as the other....doesn't mean it's bad, it's still better than the corporate shit today, but I'd rather listen to a great song than an ehhh song. To try to discredit The Clash for having other genres in their music is so fucking retarded that it's laughable....it's not three power chords and yelling, but it's punk to the max.....and should we really spending our time talking about which great bands from 30 years ago are overrated, when every single popular "artist" in existence today is so overrated that it shouldn't even be called music? .....yeah, so maybe The Clash, along with The Beatles, Ramones, Stones, Sex Pistols (okay they're given too much credit, I'll admit), were "overrated" but they fucking rock.