May 26, 2009 tr commented on "Make Peace with the World".
considering that Turks have never met (or carried out) a genocide they couldn't deny the existence of

wtf?? Consider the actual history of the shoah, in which the Greek, Bulgarian, Italian and so many other governments all cooperated with the Nazis and allowed Jews in the areas they controlled to be deported and killed, and contrast that to Turkey, whose lands were the only places in the region which DIDN'T end up being taken over with Nazi gov'ts and collaborating with the shoah - other than Thrace which was under Bulgarian occupation. Saying this is an insult to the Turkish Jews who survived because their gov't held out long enough. Yeah I know maybe if you think of Turkey you only think of the Armenian genocide, and calling that out is important, but don't act like this is simple enough that you can generalize that and say Turkish people must be deniers and/or perpetrators of ALL GENOCIDES. That's racist, intersectionality fail, and stupid.