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Apr 10 happyhedonist commented on How Metal Is Your Period?.
71! Here's a quiz I can WIN. >:./

There surprisingly was no mention of looking forward to packing odd items off to junior high school, like a tatty sweatshirt, that you could tie around your waist when you inevitably bled through ALL THE THINGS because your jackwagon teacher(s) restricted bathroom access during class for some unfathomably assholey control-freak purpose. Even the teachers who were nice about it couldn't disguise for you the fact that you're getting up to go to the bathroom and EVERYONE WOULD KNOW WHY *snicker snicker*. Seriously, fuck middle school.

I remember literally *praying* - and I am by no means religious now, nor was I then - to get my first period during the summer so I could get some practice dealing with it before going back to school. Four minutes between classes is not enough to clean up a murder scene and appear cool and collected.

Hey, soon I'll get to complain about menopause! Fun with uteri. It just never ends.
Apr 8 happyhedonist commented on Savage Love.
re: "Sex has fallen to zero." Well after 45 years, I'm not surprised ... especially when your go-to response to this is to say WTH, other women exist and will be paid for it.

Before we rubber-stamp Dan's tacit approval of your cowardice, would you care to explain why you gave up on your wife without any explanation here? Because you sound like a standard-issue asshole to me: 'I'm entitled to sex, so if I'm not getting it without effort at home, I'm perfectly within bounds to get it effortlessly/with money elsewhere.' Sure, Mr Christian Upbringing. You came to Dan for what, exactly? Approval of non-communicative, no-effort bullshit. Well, you won!

I'd hate to be your wife, tho.
Apr 7 happyhedonist commented on Support Traditional Adultery.
"PROTECT THE UNBORN! Once they are born and we find out they're female, well, fuck 'em - they don't deserve to be recognized as autonomous human beings. BUT IN THE WOMB EVEN GIRLS ARE WORTHY OF BEING BILLED BY SOMEONE IN OUR FOR PROFIT HEALTH 'CARE' SYSTEM FOR SURVIVING, so that we can go on to continually bill her for reproductive health care-- well, never mind, let's not get ridiculous here."
Apr 6 happyhedonist commented on The Rise of the Anti-Liberal Left.
oh oh oh! *I* get it. So when centrist-white-men want to be listened to because they're fighting for expansion of the status quo to include, say, *gay* white dudez into the White Privilege machine, that's something worth paying attention to because of course they deserve it being all white and dude-like and all. But when someone brown or female or Other wants the same thing, they're hysterical chicken littles. Okay.

How is that attitude different from the Fawks Noooze, again?
Apr 2 happyhedonist commented on #Cancel Colbert: The Politics of Being Offended.
Oh gee, Dan - how *edgy* of you to take down some person who is female and not the same color as you for talking about something you do not know a single goddamn thing about, personally, and about which you will not consider that hey, you might be wrong? as a male white person of a lot of goddamn privilege. How original of you.
Apr 1 happyhedonist commented on Police Beat: Black-Market Shrimp.
gosh, is this your way of telling us that racism in the U.S. Criminal Justice Systemâ„¢ is as American as apple pie? You don't say.
Mar 25 happyhedonist commented on Savage Love.
So ... where do we find the Qs that you *did* A while you were on the scene there?
Mar 5 happyhedonist commented on Moonie Times Comes Out Against Your Wedding Cake's "Sexual Proclivities".
"Our wedding cake had two gold cocks on top."

Pictures or it didn't happen.
Mar 4 happyhedonist commented on The Maxi Pad Revolutionary.
@12 - depends what kind of cup you're using (two kinds don't work for me, but the last one I tried did. More might work than one out of three, but I stopped looking once I found one that worked) but the sanitation issue is also a human issue - access to clean water and sanitary facilities. That benefits everyone, not just menstruating women, and clean water charities like this one are going the distance on that front:
Mar 4 happyhedonist commented on Savage Love.
In my completely unscientific observations of straight men and their hygiene practices, basic handwashing the very very least of them, I can say completely unqualified that there is no fucking way in hell I would date one who was into scat.

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