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Feb 10, 2013 Sullivanite joined My Stranger Face
Feb 10, 2013 Sullivanite commented on Anti-Gay Bigots at High School In Indiana Can't Ban Gay Kids From Prom....
I graduated from SHS six years ago. While it has its fair share of bigots like most small towns, I urge all to not condemn the whole town for said bigots. There are plenty of kind people there that wholly support an inclusive prom. It should be noted that the school district is not opposed to same sex couples attending (thank goodness). This is a small side group wanting to put on their "prom".

In regards to the number of LGBT kids in Sullivan, coming out isn't exactly a new thing. There were several kids that came out while I was in school. Thankfully, it seems like it is becoming more common for kids to be themselves in Sullivan.