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Aug 19, 2013 PortervilleNerd commented on Here's What Conservatives Say When They Talk About Gay People Behind Closed Doors.
What's shocking in San Antonio TX in private is gladly stated in public by a majority of the Porterville CA City Council, which held up the City for 4 meetings over 7 weeks in order to rescind our first-ever LGBT Pride Month Proclamation this July:

Aug 15, 2013 PortervilleNerd commented on Required Viewing: People Destroying America.
Here is the facebook link to reach out and learn about the issues in Porterville, it is actually worse than I described: https://www.facebook.com/PortervilleEqua…
Aug 15, 2013 PortervilleNerd commented on Required Viewing: People Destroying America.
Portervile California 's Mayor Virginia Gurrola issued the City's first-ever LGBT Pride Month Proclamation in June this year. But the Council immediately objected and conducted a series of 3 disturbing public hearings attended by Westboro Baptist associates, local Nazi apologists, and no end of bible waving religious zealots. People any politician in America would run from being associated with.

But not in Porterville: In the end, Council rescinded the the Pride Month Proclamation and changed the rules so the Mayor cannot issue Proclamations any more.

Please find us on facebook @Porterville Equality and Fairness for All, while we try to reach the level of understanding level of Vicco KY.

Press and bloggers invited too...
Dec 24, 2012 PortervilleNerd commented on Footage of Knife Attack at Chinese School Is Awful but not Unwatchable.
I am willing to entertain the idea that it is compounding the tragedy that none of the families of children or teachers killed let us see the results of being shot by such weapons before the funeral(s), a la the bravery of Emmitt Till's mother.

What say slogsters?
Dec 23, 2012 PortervilleNerd commented on God to Bryan Fischer: You're Not Helping!.
From teh tail end of the same article:

"Friday’s shootings were the second involving a rural western Pennsylvania church this month.

Gregory Eldred, 52, an elementary school teacher is jailed on charges he fatally shot his ex-wife, a church organist, during a service in Coudersport on Dec. 2. The pastor and church members subdued him until police arrived."
Nov 3, 2012 PortervilleNerd commented on Nate Silver: "Obama led in 19 battleground state polls today. Romney led in one.".
Just to be clear, the odds of 1 tails in 20 tosses is not 1 in 50,000, it is 1 in 1,048,576. Big odds got bigger!
Nov 2, 2012 PortervilleNerd commented on Enter "Hail Obama".
This is everyday life in Porterville, talking to people like this.

Reminds me of that famous patriotic song by that right wing hero Woody Guthrie, "this Land is My Land"

"This land is my land,
This land is my land,
From California
to the New Your Island
From the the Gulfstream Waters
To the Redwood Forest
This land was made for me me me!"
Aug 22, 2012 PortervilleNerd commented on Dan Savage vs. Brian Brown: The Dinner Table Debate.
Spoiler alert:

Brown says that the NT sanctions limits on slavery over time ("indentured servitude") but his last point in the end is that he stands for civil marriages that must never end absent the death of one of the spouses as his ideal marriage regime.

And somehow, despite the clear harm this would cause the adults and children around these marriages, this is more preferable to society then allowing unrestricted ownership of human beings by other human beings, because that is not something that makes for a better society due to the harm it causes adults and children around the slavery transaction.

Were I to have the opportunity to follow up, my talking point would be that unless Brown/NOM/et. al. is in favor of limited human ownership of other humans as sanctioned in the NY (and which is lesser a sanction than the OT), then he accepts that civilly, we are better off in our nation having laws that extend the direction of the change of sanctions even further and eliminate all human ownership of other human beings.

Then, having crossed that Rubicon once, unless he is prepared to go and cross back over and re-introduce even limited slavery into our civil laws, he does not get to get away with arguing that his, or anyone's for that matter, religious interpretations apply in the restriction of liberty via un-endable contracts of marriage.

Not that a contract that is without end is enforceable in the first place, and he must know that. So wouldn't a nationwide regime as he suggests is ideal of marriage contracts that cannot be ended be tantamount to no marriage at all short some sort of magical separability clause (good luck with that!).

So Brian Brown is now on the record as radically suggesting, because I am sure he didn't make this up on the spot, that the ideal civil marriage regime in the US is no enforceable civil marriages at all?

And that is better how? Can you consider hammering on that point?

Alternatively, he./they have already settled on the Bible as not authoritative in civil, secular society once (wrt slavery) and so the onus is on him to stop claiming that it is not possible to do so at all, and then the onus is further on him to stop claiming no settling is possible wrt marriage in civil, secular marriage.

Can't have it both ways. Either he regrets the end of slavery, or he is willing to look past his religion's claims of influence on civil marriage laws.

Aug 21, 2012 PortervilleNerd commented on PDC Complaint Alleges Eyman Is Running an Illegal, Undisclosed, Stealth Campaign.
Insane though the initiative may be, the issue of private property users such as Safeway being able to have pristine sidewalks was decided long ago by SCOTUS for CA, and its applicability to WA depends on the specifics of WA constitutional detail: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pruneyard_S…
Aug 21, 2012 PortervilleNerd commented on GOP Christians Only Want Forgiveness All for Themselves.
"Rape has many victims" - dog whistle that says if she gets pregnant, her fetus is going to be a murder victim if she considers abortion.

"The heart I hold" - dogwhistle to affirm his Christian faith and lifestyle where forgiveness and compassion are the words of the day - for people like him, not the victims of "predators"