Oct 15, 2014 jrg commented on Why We're Voting "YES" on Gun Control Initiative 594, and Why You Should Too.
The single biggest problem i have with it is that the exceptions aren't true exceptions. they are AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSES! As written:

"A person is guilty of a separate offense for each and every gun sold or transferred without complying with the background check requirements of section 3 of this act. It is an affirmative defense to any prosecution brought under this section that the sale or transfer satisfied one of the exceptions in section 3(4) of this act."

So if you do fall under the "exeptions", what the law says is that "you have violated the law, and you are subject to arrest and prosecution, and then when you are prosecuted, YOUR LAWYER can claim, via an affirmative defense, that you should be excempt from prosecution. And then you hope the judge and/or jury agree with you, and then you pay your lawyer either way.

The law presumes you are guilty, then you have to prove that you're not.
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Feb 12, 2013 jrg commented on The State of the Man Who Killed bin Laden Is....
Great article, except for a how it is mostly incorrect.

He has 5+ years of free, no questions asked healthcare (and then more depending on situation and current income at that time) through the VA.

Yes, it makes for great headlines, though, doesn't it!