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Feb 12, 2013 NYerinMpls commented on Television Station in Indiana Edits Report In an Apparent Attempt to Make Bigoted Special Ed Teacher Diana "Gays Have No Purpose" Medley Seem Less Hateful.
Just sent this to Mark Baker:
One of the defining facets of my 20s and early 30s was the dissolution of my relationship with my parents. After I came stumbling out of the closet, it took almost a decade to rebuild that relationship. We went years without speaking. It was very hard - for all of us. To be frank, though, it was never about my sexuality, per se. It was about the shame and embarrassment my folks were afraid I'd bring on the family. I remember many, many "what if people find out? What will they say?" conversations. It never felt personal - it was cultural.

Hearing "personal opinions" like Diana Medved's voiced publicly sends chills down my spine. For a person in a position of authority to imply (much less state outright!) that gay is not okay in IN sets a foundation of intolerance with a ripple effect that will reach thousands of families. Her words are embarrassing, unnecessary, cruel, and, yes, hateful. They enable a culture of bullying, shame, suicides, and self-hatred for millions of kids. They enable the EXACT CULTURE that drove my family apart almost 30 years ago. So please, no matter your own personal politics, please keep the years of pain my entire family endured in mind. Remove Diana Medved from her teaching position.