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Feb 12, 2013 thespark17 commented on A Pastor Would Like to Address the Controversy over His Events that "Mock" the "Orientals" and "Blacks".
I actually go to this church (which is actually called Calvary Fellowship, not Calvary Temple, which is an unaffiliated church in our area). I don't go to this particular group, it's the highschool group, but I'm part of the college/post-college group called CREW. I can understand the confusion over the poster, and I can understand people who (from the outside) would get a little worked up over it. I think it would help some people to know that this poster was more intended as internal advertisement to people who are already involved with Calvary than for public promotion. The person who took the picture, which created a small stir on Facebook because they linked to several people from the church directly, was taken by someone walking through our property on the way to a library. To the best of my knowledge, this was only visible from a parking lot for the church itself in a side area used for some of the smaller groups. Not that I think it's something to be ashamed of or that anyone did anything wrong in the first place, but that might be a little helpful in understanding what's going on.
Calvary is a great group of people. I know Craig personally, he's an awesome guy. I'm glad to call him my pastor. He loves pushing the boundaries sometimes for the sake of humor, I'll admit (and I'm pretty sure he would too), but would you prefer he be a starchy characterture of a pastor? I sure wouldn't. He's true to his personality, and he doesn't pretend to be the Pope or think he's better than everyone else. He's real, and he cares about people. All people. What else can you ask for?
I'm also friends with a lot of the leaders who are over this stuff, and I know what they're like. If there was any legitimate racism around, I wouldn't be a part of it in the first place. We're a big family who love each other and care about each other and have community. But we're also an open, welcoming family. Jesus taught constantly about loving people no matter who they are, what they believe, or where they're at in life. We take that seriously. If you've don't believe it, drop by CREW (Sunday nights at 7. Come by early, I'll probably be in the coffee bar making free espresso drinks. Ask around for the dude named Sparky, you'll find me quickly). You can call me crazy, you can tell me I have a dog's name, I'll laugh, and then I'll introduce you to all the friends I have there who have changed my life because of the acceptance and love I've found there. I'll introduce you to my friend in art college, my friend who is training to be an naturopathic doctor, my friend who works in a women's shelter helping homeless and abused women and children, my friend who works in a school, my aspiring poet friend, my chef friend... and a couple hundred more. I'm far from perfect, and they accept me. We don't all believe the same thing, we all aren't even sure what we believe, but we're all welcome, all accepted, all loved. To me, that's awesome.
Thanks to The Stranger for the fair story. I know it's probably funner to chuck a rock and hope a bunch of pissed off Bible thumpers biggots will try to call down lightening on you or something. ;) We'll be talking about "The time The Stranger talked about us" for years to come.