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  • Where's your hairiest square inch?: pubes
  • SF or LA
  • Tom Skerritt or Dave Matthews
  • What movie can you recite verbatim?: none
  • Too many teeth or No teeth at all

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kwodell is supporting the assault on str8 marriage.
Jul 18 kwodell commented on Child Rape, Inc.—Still Open For Business!.
The only difference between the Vatican and NAMBLA is that NAMBLA doesn't get their asses kissed by heads of state.
Jul 11 kwodell commented on Chris Hayes on Claiborne Richardson and the Manassas Police Department's Lust for Teen's Hard Cock (Pics).
Here's hoping Claiborne Richardson's name becomes as synonymous with A Kid's Cock as Rick Santorum's name has become synonymous with frothy buttsex fecal matter. Their political ambitions are toast.
Jul 9 kwodell commented on Claiborne Richardson Wants Pictures of a Kid's Cock.
Any physician or nurse who would administer an erection inducing drug to a minor against his and his parents' will should be brought up on charges before the state licensing board. First do no harm. Forcing that on a kid is doing all kinds of harm.
Jul 8 kwodell commented on Major Queer Org Pulls Support for ENDA.
I'm going to start a business so I refuse to hire Christians. And Republicans. And Teabaggers. And Mormons. And reproductive rights foes. Hell, I'm gonna refuse to hire opposite sex marrieds too. My God tells me such scum are to be shunned.
Jul 8 kwodell commented on Loose Box of Smallpox Virus Found in NIH Storeroom.
Just imagine the science deniers being in charge. Ring around the rosie...
Jun 28 kwodell commented on Pro-Choice Activists Might Want to Emulate These Gay Boys.
I think signs showing the photos and names, and most importantly, church affiliation of youth pastors, a la Dan's Youth Pastor Watch would be awesome for picketing churches. Demonstrators could also carry Ken dolls and ask church going teens to point to where their youth pastor or minister touched them.
Jun 28 kwodell commented on SL Letters of the Day: Response Required.
An FYI for the LW... After moving to Wisconsin a few years ago, I have learned that the dairy farmer boys swear by a product called Bag Balm. It's a conditioning balm used to keep the udders of dairy cows from getting chapped. It serves the same function for a well masturbated penis. I believe lanolin is the key ingredient. Available in all the finest farm supply stores and it comes in a very kitchy tin.
Jun 26 kwodell commented on SL Letter of the Day: Two Simple Answers.
ignorant trolls who lie to kids by telling them that fetuses are babies rank pretty low on the scum scale.
Jun 23 kwodell commented on Christian Radio "Personality" Arrested.
When adults rape children (and all adult sex with children is rape) the rape is about power, not sex. Raping anyone is not a sexual act, it is an act of violence. The penis or fingers or object is the weapon used in the act of violence. Rapists don't rape to get off, they rape to violate both mind and body. Rapists commonly report that they have sex with their spouse, girl/boy friend, or sex worker following their raping their victim.

Rape is not sex. The gender of the rape victim is not tied to the rapist's sexual preference. See #22 and read as many times as needed to comprehend.
Jun 23 kwodell commented on Mark Your Calendars.
Shall we all shit-storm Wills Communications, Inc. with some feedback on the IHOP founder and his H8 the gays statements? Or a July 8 Twitter bombing of IHOP?

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