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Apr 29, 2015 BOBKELLERMAN@AOL.COM commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Photo Play.
FROM MOST OF THE WOMEN: he is not your puppet, so take it personally, whether or not your life together is good or not.
FROM ME: would you prefer to be with him? if so, try to see his side, and work it out. Unfortunately, people today tend to think the other person being who he/she is ruins the relationship. You must have picked him because you loved him, so love him for this side of him, too. Only a shallow person dumps a mate over fairly minor issues -- but if controlling him is a major issue to him, maybe you need to trade him in on a slave.
Jan 13, 2014 BOBKELLERMAN@AOL.COM commented on Hunter With Popular TV Show Fired For Saying Something Controversial!.
The gun industry ought to get the PR award of the century
Jan 13, 2014 BOBKELLERMAN@AOL.COM commented on SLLLOTD: Premarital Counseling.
HONEY, he does not understand women for shit.
If you want to live in this "we are both bi and it will work out" fantasy, you will not likely have a good result.
Oct 22, 2013 BOBKELLERMAN@AOL.COM commented on Mormon Mom and Anti-Gay Activist Finds Out Her Own Son Is Gay....
THE CHURCH OF THE MOREHOLES HAS A PROBLEM -- the "prophet" has to find a way for God to tell him to allow the Gay kids of mormons to be themselves and stay in the religion, family, and community.

You see, Joseph Smith, the wife-stealing charlatan, set it up so that the church is based on marriage and procreation, with everybody joining all the generations of their family in the afterlife as gods.
This is why the moreholes started

If your kid cannot marry a woman, he ain't going to the good seats in the afterlife --- time for the "prophet" to improve this is overdue
Oct 22, 2013 BOBKELLERMAN@AOL.COM commented on SL Letter of the Day: Should I Stay Or Should I Go Dominate Other Men For Money?.
YOU IGNORANT SLUT -- in your thirties, not only your nest egg, but your biological eggs might better guide you.
If you need to remain a "pretend young person", then let the poor sap go find a girl who is less self involved
Oct 22, 2013 BOBKELLERMAN@AOL.COM commented on SLLOTD: Open It, Already.
YOU IGNORANT SLUT --you fail to mention any possible consequences to the kid. (whose age and gender you do not mention). Kids can see distance between parents, and blame it on themselves.
Of course, we all deserve to be happy, but if you fuck up your kid looking to get dicked better, you are probably going to hell.
Aug 21, 2013 BOBKELLERMAN@AOL.COM commented on SL Letter of the Day: That Dick Has Sailed.
You stupid, stupid woman! You make a guy into a dildo and expect him to retain the hardon that comes from being a conqueror.
A smart woman knows that building up a man gets her everything she wants. There is a lot of value in bs like "Oh, you're so big", and "Take me, take me, take me!" etc as opposed to "Stupid, do it lower"
Mar 7, 2013 BOBKELLERMAN@AOL.COM commented on Did This Florist Break the Law by Refusing Service to a Gay Wedding?.
THE DILEMMA FOR THE COUPLE...................

How to push that justice is served, and she can't do this to others, without spoiling the joy of their marriage
Feb 13, 2013 BOBKELLERMAN@AOL.COM commented on Savage Love.
After reading the other comments -- My thought is to suggest the Dad says to the son: "The closed door makes me uncomfortable, and reminds me that many boys fool around together when they are teens. I want you to know that it is risking your health --even your life -- to trust that someone has no other sexual contacts. In the event you mess around sexually with any person, I would prefer you were older first, but I insist you do nothing unsafe"
It is good not to rob the boy of his right to reveal his sexuality in his own time. The part that is really the Dad's business is the "keep it safe" speech.