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Feb 14, 2013 George66 joined My Stranger Face
Feb 14, 2013 George66 commented on A Pastor Would Like to Address the Controversy over His Events that "Mock" the "Orientals" and "Blacks".
I am offended at this kind of event and there should never be an event like this in a church. It would never occur to me that a Church would host such a thing. We are all created equal and our LORD died for us all! We are all lost without HIM and HE is the only one who can save us.
The fact that this church thinks this is ok is quite scary! I would rethink what they think is fun and actually have an event that includes everyone. This is very backwards and wrong. I hope they have their eyes opened to the truth. Excluding others is wrong!!! God is No respecter of persons. HE loves us all!