Jun 4, 2013 jerzee commented on Chris Christie Punts on Filling Senate Seat.
Because he is calling for a special election and won't combine it with the November general election it will cost taxpayers more, but ensures that he will have an overwhelming victory: he won't have to deal with and lose points because of a Dem (probably Cory Booker) at the top of the ticket for senate.
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Feb 15, 2013 jerzee commented on A Clear Path for Booker.
I just don't understand the Booker love. I'm a regular Slog reader, New Jersey resident, and progressive and can tell you that he is just not an effective leader. He might put on a good show, but as a mayor he has been more concerned about his profile than about doing the hard work of running a city. Besides, his self promotion as a superhero borders on pathological