Jul 12 biggie commented on Savage Love.
@2: I have to disagree. I have had a few occurrences where I had broken up with the #1 and was dating the #2. I've never been so selfish as to send a letter over it, so those #1's all remain in my life in some capacity, and I can thus say... #2 was the real #1. Whether it be I was just hanging on to the #1 out of a feeling of missed opportunity I was refusing to move on from, or my relationship with the #1 was insulated from the practicalities of a real long-term relationship, in every case I've learned that we really, really were not compatible in the long term.

Sometimes the #2 really is the #1. If they really WERE the #1, you'd still be with them, right?

Regardless, NCA definitely can't have #1. So he should probably date #2 until he either feels he can spend the rest of his life with #2, or he decides he can't.
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NCA: "I want to be married" is not the same as "I've found someone I want to marry." Getting a certificate is not going to make you happy.

If "I want to be married" was code for, "I want to have children", then absolutely "settle" for a pretty, smart, sexy and kind woman you can raise children with. If you don't want children, getting married for the sake of being married is not going to improve your life.

BRUISE: The guy has no fault here. He doesn't know if the other party in the long term couple (you) doesn't want to see marks or gets off on seeing marks. To add to what Dan said, even if you and the girlfriend DON'T have a don't ask, don't tell arrangement, communication is key, and it is perfectly reasonable for you to say, "I'm happy you're having a great time with this, but I while I'm acclimating to the situation, it would really help if you could avoid coming home with marks from your endeavors."

TPC: From a fellow guy who can keep going after coming, one load per condom, period. Sometimes condoms come off or break during the act, and if that happens, you don't want it to already be "fully loaded".

MAPIP: Self righteous much? The way you do it doesn't have to be the way the rest of us do it.
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LW1: Whether your marriage is over is entirely up to you. Seems like your wife managed to give you both what you wanted for 17 years. You can have what you both want for a lifetime more if you can decide what you want doesn't include sexual fidelity.

Of course, she could have chosen to be honest with you sooner, but then you'd have been done 15 years ago. If your last 15 years were pretty good, maybe not being aware of the "infidelity" is a small (retroactive) price of admission.
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@17: Paying someone to live somewhere is called rent, and it doesn't get you any rights to the property. His name is on the mortgage and he's the one responsible for paying it. If she wants to own property, she should buy property, including paying half the down payment. Which she apparently can't, because her credit sucks.

She has no basis for any legal rights to that property at all, regardless of whether she contributes to the monthly expenses of living there while she's living there. Having a pussy the property owner might like does not get you on the mortgage or out of paying rent.
Jun 21 biggie commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Target Engaged.
This is just a disagreement on the proper order of relationship progression.

For a long time, the accepted order was date->commit->engage->marry->sex->move-in.

Obviously that's no longer the case for most people.

Girl thinks progression of "seriousness" in a relationship is date->sex->commit->engage->move in->marry.

Guy thinks its date->sex->commit->move in->engage->marry.

Both feel the other is trying to skip the next step. One of them will have to yield.
Jun 8 biggie commented on Female Ejaculate: Urine or Something Similar to Male Ejaculate?.
@17: The sterility of urine is the point - wash out the non-sterile bugs that may have gotten into your urethra as a result of the sex. So the flushing might prevent infections, and infections are bad, mmmkay?
Jun 8 biggie commented on Female Ejaculate: Urine or Something Similar to Male Ejaculate?.
Having digitally stimulated a handful of women to squirting, one thing they all have in common is I can feel what I assume to be their bladder filling up and "pulsing" before they squirt. Basically a bulb of fluid fills up more or less under the g-spot, then expels all that liquid through what I believe to be the urethra. Hard to describe, but you can definitely feel it coming. (ba-da-ching!)
Jun 8 biggie commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Lesbian Crush.
"Hey, just wanted to know that I really value our friendship, but if you wanted to fluff my muff sometime*, I wouldn't mind."

* Or whatever the young lesbians are calling it these days.
Jun 6 biggie commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Diaper Rush.
As long as it's not so he can drive several states away without stopping to stalk his other "girlfriend", you're fine.
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Someone needs to edit NOT's letter - she's NOT happily married.

"I'm happily married, except the sex his horrible" = "Not Happily Married".