It's not very popular.

Mar 11 biggie commented on Savage Love.
TRUTH's letter is a hoax. No 32-year-old woman was chatting/emailing a 15-year-old boy in 1995. 15 year olds didn't have the internet in 1995, and 32 year-old family friends weren't on the internet either.
Jan 21 biggie commented on Savage Love.
For the record, Adult Friendfinder changed ownership recently, and has dramatically cut down on the fakes.

It does still skew a bit mature though.
Jan 16 biggie commented on SL Letter of the Day: Violating New Rules.
Did anyone ready what LW was saying?

Regardless of the transgressions of the girlfriend, letter writer is still a drama-inducing controlling bastard. Best thing he can do for the girlfriend is dump her... For her own sake.
Dec 22, 2014 biggie commented on SL Letter of the Day: Happy Polidays.

Some males are able to go for a while.
Nov 21, 2014 biggie commented on This Will Cheer Up Depressed Democrats: "No Republican Candidate Has a Credible Shot at the White House in 2016".
This article is just plain wrong. Wisconsin is *NOT* a Democratic fortress state. It can VERY EASILY go Republican in a Presidential election.
Oct 17, 2014 biggie commented on SL Letters of the Day: Tears For Gears.
Sounds more like she bought the gear for him (to use on her). Key words are "bondage gear for us". Gifts are gifts, even if you decide later that the recipient is not a great person. He may be an asshole for not returning the gear upon request, but in order for her to find out, she first has to show that she's the petty ex who lets gifts given weeks ago burn at her to the point of making an issue out of it rather than just letting it go.

She should let it go before her request shows she was someone didn't make a mistake dumping.
Aug 29, 2014 biggie commented on SL Letter of the Day: Fuck That Guy.
The letter writer is pretty dense. The guy she is interested in is no different than she is.

LW is sleeping with people while holding out for someone better.

The guy is willing to sleep with her while he holds out for someone better.

Either she understands and is comfortable with that, or she isn't - but she should understand that the odds that he falls in love with her are about as good as the odds she falls in love with any of her 2nd choices.
Jun 25, 2014 biggie commented on Savage Love.
Whether she should tell the other guy before having the abortion depends entirely on information not present in the letter: What is the character of the other guy?

There could be significant personal consequences should the other guy be a Republican, religious nut, or have some other type of freak-out.

(Note: Don't fuck republicans or religions nuts.)

For all the swingers out there, a little preemptive work may be in order: Declare in advance that in the event of pregnancy you will abort without notification to any non-marital partners.
Jan 14, 2014 biggie commented on Savage Love.
I think Dan missed some options for WHWLAB. Obviously her boyfriend is straight and any type of male-male interaction is not going to happen and she shouldn't push that.

But there is a whole lot of space between MF couple sex and MMF bi-male sex for a woman to enjoy the company of two men without the men having to interact with each other. Not all MMF threesomes involve contact between the guys. If WHWLAB just wants two guys at the same time, that can certainly be arranged with two heterosexual guys.

WHWLAB might try asking her BF if he would one of the males in activities that don't involve male-male contact, like blowing her boyfriend while the other guy has sex with her, or the other way around, or him watching her, or the other guy watching them...

WHWLAB might also suggest another couple; then there are two men available, but the boyfriend might be comfortable with an even ration and/or his own distraction.

Dan is right though that MMF threesomes with one straight and one bi guy are definitely not a good idea, and her boyfriend is definitely straight, and she should definitely NOT push any type of male-male interaction... it's not going to happen.
Oct 2, 2013 biggie commented on Savage Love.
Ok, has anyone considered the idea that BK sent the guy a picture of his whatever BECAUSE HE THINKS IT IS FUCKING HILARIOUS? "Haha, you wanted to talk to this girl and all you got was a picture of my penis/shit/whatever."

Many people (including myself) would disagree about whether that's actually funny, but disagreement over what is and isn't funny does not necessarily a controlling asshole make.

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