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Real deal:

FWB mentions that it seems like their FWB situation has morphed into a real relationship. SIGH feels like this means FWB wants more out of this relationship, and takes hanging out again (like they have been doing for a while) as evidence of this, then starts treatin FWB like they're in a relationship.

But FWB mentioned it feeling like they were in a relationship because he actually just wants to be FWBs, and SIGH's sudden treatment of the situation like a real relationship caused FWB to create distance.

Maybe FWB could have communicated better, but SIGH is left with two options... wait a bit and just ask FWB if they want to hook up sometime and see if that dials it back to FWB, or call it a day and move on.

@6: Yes, although in the cases I've experienced / seen, with a break between the phases, i.e. break up from your romantic attempts, spend some time with minimal contact, then FWBs again.
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She's not a player, she just fucks a lot.
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Last note: While there's no ethical reason / obligation to tell B about A, the real issue here is you think B lacks the adult ability to handle that you might have slept with someone else when you and B weren't together.

That's not exactly a sign of someone who can do relationships like an adult, so maybe you should just stay away from B because THEY ARE BAD AT RELATIONSHIPS.
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To HR, "Don't ask, don't tell" is suitable advice here. Are you in the habit of telling everyone you date your complete relationship history right off? If she asks if you saw anyone else while you were broken up, answer honestly (but maybe not even mention who). Don't lie, but some relationship history is best left as just that.
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Here's the thing about shitting where you eat...

...yeah, it's not a good idea. Except...

...lots of people find it preferable to have relationships with people they know well.

And it just so happens that the people most people often know the best are unsurprisingly those they spend 8 hours a day with.

If you can be an adult, and they can be an adult, which you should know if you really do know each other that well, why not try a relationship with that person you know really well and feel attracted to?

Sure, there are another 7 billion people on the planet, but turning a stranger into someone who knows you well is quite the investment, especially when most of the time that investment won't work out.
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What's wrong with relationships with robots?

Imagine a world where we gave all the disaffected men in Muslim countries a sex robot to pacify them from the rage they endure as a result of most of the women being consumed by a handful of men with multiple marriages....
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For the next two years, it's her life, not his.

You may disagree with her parenting, but you don't get a vote. Absent actual abuse, NOBODY else gets a vote on parenting other than the parents. If you don't want some conservative fucktard coming into your home and telling you how to raise your children, LavaGirl, you don't get to go into anyone else's home either.

There is NO EVIDENCE that the environment the nephew is in is hostile. Maybe his parents think he's in a phase. That's part of the process for a lot of parents who find out that their child isn't who they thought they were. Just removing the kid from the home environment for 3 months isn't going to help, and may hurt, that.

It took my parents 4 years to mostly accept my sister coming out. My dad is 99% of the way there, my mother still has reservations, and one of her reservations is a suspicion that my sister's gay aunt who my sister has always been close with "made" her gay. (In reality, I think my mother's REAL irrational fear is that letting my sister look too much like a boy when she was younger made her gay.)

But both of my parents were at my sister's wedding and are supportive of her marriage and the more time passes the more of those last remaining reservations fade away.

Just because a parent doesn't immediately say "I'm so happy you're trans!" doesn't mean there's anything wrong. Parents want the best for their children, and being trans is extra hard. It's perfectly normal for a parent to be supportive of who their children are and still hold hope that maybe they won't have to deal with all the extra life obstacles being trans brings.... to hope it's just a phase.

End of the day, this family needs to figure out their dynamic on their own, free from unwanted meddling by the uncle. (Uncle should of course say he's always available to talk to etc, but should ABSOLUTELY NOT invite him to stay for the summer.)

Hell, I'm a privileged cis white male, and if one of my aunts/uncles invited me to stay in the city with them for a summer my mom would have gone ape shit. It's NORMAL FOR PARENTS TO NOT WANT THEIR MINOR CHILDREN TO BE GONE FOR THREE MONTHS!
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But... who is to say it isn't just a phase?

That's probably not likely, but doesn't the medical community have several steps in place that a person has to go through before qualifying for irreversible surgery?

Maybe some of those steps should happen before "introduced into urban LGBTQ community at 16" is the next step.

It's certainly not unreasonable for a parent to think so... there's plenty of parents out there who believe in things like no premarital sex or no dating until you're out of the house and only hold hands.... we may find those opinions antiquated but it's not our opinion that counts.
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"I don't have room for a relationship right now" is definitely not 100% honest. It may be someone just being polite, but it could also be 90% honest: "You're demanding way more of my life than I have the time/energy to give to someone right now so this relationship isn't going to work." In which case, she might be fine with someone who demanded less attention.
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WTF Dan?

No, you don't have a right to override the requests of someone's parents absent some actual pressing harm like abuse.

When I was 16, my mother would not have let me do this either, because my mother has a huge anxiety problem that results in an incredibly overprotective/overbearing/lack of boundaries nature. That doesn't change that it's still her right as a parent to decide what is appropriate for her children. UNCLE does *NOT* get to substitute his judgement.

Not to mention, there might be entirely benevolent reasons the nephew's parents don't want him away for the summer... maybe they simply want to spend the summer with their child. Maybe they think the home environment is more supportive than some other environment. Who knows?

And on top of all that, interference is going to have a price. It is going to cause strain between UNCLE and his sister, and it is going to cause strain between his sister and his nephew. There's no glaring reason here that that strain is worth it.

UNCLE should honor his sister's wishes.