10:02 PM yesterday biggie commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: We're Not Moving To Canada (Yet).
It should be noted that the disappearance of web pages on the White House website means nothing other than they were all moved to an archive. EVERYTHING was removed from the website.
Jan 19 biggie commented on Obamacare: Evil. Less Evil. But Still Evil..
A better argument than piece of mind:

Even if you get "lucky" and die suddenly in an accident and never consume insurance, the odds are almost certain that someone you love - whether it be your parents, your spouse, your children, or a best friend - will not be so lucky.

And maybe it's better that we all pay a little more in taxes so we're not just waiting around for someone we love to start begging us for money to survive.
Jan 17 biggie commented on Savage Love.
@DIRTY: Serious offer: I can find you a hot woman who will findom you to bankruptcy by forcing you to donate all of your money to homeless shelters.

And I suppose if you donate a few million to a homeless shelter, you're not really negatively impacting the homeless if you then sleep there, right?

@3: It's pretty hard to be a non-professional findom, isn't it?
Jan 14 biggie commented on Savage Love Letters of the Day: Reader Advice Round-up.
Silliness. I notice women that like me all the time. When you're not hitting on women, you are the safe zone.
Jan 14 biggie commented on Savage Love Letters of the Day: Reader Advice Round-up.
Really, you should just never hit on women at all. Treat women like real human beings and every now and again one will like you. The real skill is just knowing when that has happened.

Once you can tell if a woman likes you or not, then you're both not missing opportunities and not throwing yourself at women who aren't interested.

And the number one way to prevent a woman from being interested in you is hitting on her before she's interested in you.
Jan 7 biggie commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Newly Engageed Woman Debates Confessing Bullshit "Infidelity" Or Keeping Mouth Shut.
So if you're still reading this, ignore these guys and work it out with your therapist.
Jan 5 biggie commented on Our Next President Is At War With the So-Called "Intelligence Community" — What Could Go Wrong?.
@7: That wasn't the conclusion of the intelligence community. That's the conclusion Bush wanted.
Jan 4 biggie commented on Savage Love.
CAW is almost certainly just taking testosterone as a replacement and it's making her randy.

OkCupid has a "casual sex" option.

Or she could just put out on the first date then not text back.
Jan 4 biggie commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Marathon Man & Woman.
@7: Sillyness. Some women just love getting fucked in the ass. They may be rare, but not all women require time and trust. Some just want a dick in their butt.

That said, I also think Dan really failed at this column.

First, Plan B has some pretty shitty side effects. It's called Plan B for a reason - you use it when you think the REAL birth control options you were trying to use failed. It should NOT be your primary means of birth control - both because its failure rate is relatively high, and because of those side effects. Which you especially don't want when you're flying.

So Plan B is a no-go here.

You're left with, condoms, diaphrams/caps, withdrawal, and.... yeah that's it since she's already into this menstrual cycle. If you're going to skip the condoms, for gods sake don't come in her, and make sure you have the abortion conversation first. Even then, if she gets pregnant and decides to keep the child for WHATEVER REASON, you're on the hook for a lifetime of child support.

I would STRONGLY recommend that if your friend is not already on hormonal birth control or has an IUD that you use condoms. Plan better next time.