Feb 7 biggie commented on Trump's Willing Executioners*.
Don't blame on malice what you can blame on incompetence.
Feb 2 biggie commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: He's Paranoid About His Girlfriend Whenever She Parties (But Is He Possessive?).
Steps for resolving conflict in relationships:

1) Should they have known it was not ok?
- No: Explain that this is not ok. Accept apology, move on.
- Maybe: Explain that this is not ok. Accept apology, move on.
- Yes: 2)

2) Is they did something they KNOW was not OK, especially because you've previously specifically told them it's not OK due to 1), break up. Your option if you want to accept that there are mitigating circumstances or whatever they're doing that isn't OK (like leaving dirty dishes in the sink) isn't such a big deal that it isn't price of admission.

LW is still clearly at 1).

Why is it set up this way? Because if the answer to 1) is "No" or "Maybe", his girlfriend didn't break his trust. She did something he didn't realize would bother him. So the issue is lack of prior communication, which has now been solved, trust intact.

The *NEXT* time it impacts trust.
Feb 1 biggie commented on Confidential to the Democrats.

Democrats did not lose because they were not fighting down there. We lost *BECAUSE* we were fighting down there, and that got us Hillary instead of Bernie.

We are not going to advance important causes by acting like Republicans. We'll just have the same shitty candidates they do and it'll be a toss-up. We will advance important causes by NOT acting like Republicans. And even now, Democrats are basically acting like Republicans. And it isn't working.
Jan 25 biggie commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: She's Wonderful! She's Perfect! (But I'd Like Bigger Boobs...).
This one is easy. Date her long enough to find out if she secretly wants to install fake ones. If yes, you're good. If no, we'll, you're right where you are now.

For the record, I'd rather spend my life with someone I love to talk to than love to look at.
Jan 23 biggie commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Only Lesbian in the Village.
OkCupid has a setting that hides your profile from straight people. You'll still get the occasional bi guy, dude pretending to be a girl, and couple on a women's profile, but it dramatically reduces the unwelcome onslaught. And you can avoid the dudes pretending by just assuming anyone really interested in more of your pictures is a dude.

Settings, privacy, "I don't want to be seen by straight people". You may have to be using a web browser (not the app) to see that option.
Jan 20 biggie commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: We're Not Moving To Canada (Yet).
It should be noted that the disappearance of web pages on the White House website means nothing other than they were all moved to an archive. EVERYTHING was removed from the website.
Jan 19 biggie commented on Obamacare: Evil. Less Evil. But Still Evil..
A better argument than piece of mind:

Even if you get "lucky" and die suddenly in an accident and never consume insurance, the odds are almost certain that someone you love - whether it be your parents, your spouse, your children, or a best friend - will not be so lucky.

And maybe it's better that we all pay a little more in taxes so we're not just waiting around for someone we love to start begging us for money to survive.
Jan 17 biggie commented on Savage Love.
@DIRTY: Serious offer: I can find you a hot woman who will findom you to bankruptcy by forcing you to donate all of your money to homeless shelters.

And I suppose if you donate a few million to a homeless shelter, you're not really negatively impacting the homeless if you then sleep there, right?

@3: It's pretty hard to be a non-professional findom, isn't it?
Jan 14 biggie commented on Savage Love Letters of the Day: Reader Advice Round-up.
Silliness. I notice women that like me all the time. When you're not hitting on women, you are the safe zone.