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Feb 16, 2013 hope4better joined My Stranger Face
Feb 16, 2013 hope4better commented on Marginal Activist Running for City Council.
Wow. This article seems to be obvious propaganda against Bellomio most of the comments posted are unfounded bashing by those who live in perpetual contemplation. At least he is consistently trying to hold leadership accountable. What are,most of, the rest of you doing to influence change in our society? People, "sitting" on the sidelines criticizing those who are sincerely trying to engage in the process are the problem! Tacoma Traveler, you are projecting your issues with religion where there's no relavence whatsoever. I'm amazed at how shallow minded the majority of the comments are in their expression. The City Counsel is lacking in integrity! The room is empty most of the time. Instead of feeding your egos with your self rightiousness, why don't you Stand up - yeah this will require more then sitting in front of your computer - and go to the City Counsel and show people how it should be done. Oh right, that would mean you would have to show your face.