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Jan 27, 2015 scottycam commented on Films That Are Better Than the Books They're Adapted From.
My god, how has nobody yet mentioned The Graduate? One of the most revolutionary films of the 60s, kicked off Dustin Hoffman's career (and has a cameo by a young Richard Dreyfus), and the book is a middling piece of trash. Probably nobody's mentioned it because nobody's ever read the book because nobody even realizes the movie was based on a book, it's that unimpressive.
Mar 20, 2014 scottycam commented on What I Want to Know Is Why You Hate Porn Stars.
Haven't read any of the other comments so I don't know what way they're skewing, but I just wanted to say that I for one do not hate porn stars. I have huge respect for what they do. I wish I could do it. I wish somebody wanted me to. Porn itself, I could wish for more quality in the finished product, more diversity, more of the good stuff because it is possible to do really good porn but most of the makers don't seem to want to bother. I wish porn was not so easy to sell that it's not necessary to put any effort into making a distinguished finished product in order to make money at it. But porn stars? If I had to answer for other people as to why they hate them, I'd guess a lot of them are envious. Not of the having sex part, because no doubt having sex on film is more work than pleasure. But the not being ashamed of it part. The total rejection of the sexual guilt that authority figures try to instill in us from birth in order to control us. What's the best way to control somebody? Make them feel guilty about the things they want the most. To everyone who says a big "Fuck you" to that whole concept: I salute you.
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Feb 18, 2013 scottycam joined My Stranger Face
Feb 18, 2013 scottycam commented on You May Now Kiss the Bride and the Other Bride and the Other Bride and the Other Groom.
I have spent the last 14 years in a poly triad (actually a V) that is still going strong. The three of us have lived together since 2000. A few years ago the woman in the center married the other man, mostly so she could get on his work health insurance plan. And I simply don't care that she's married to him and not me, and don't care about having the right to marry her also. We're married already in every way that matters except the legal perks. Maybe the day will come when I will be denied some rights I ought to have as a spouse, and then I will give a shit. But I will NOT support marriage between more than two people until it is legally clarified that a corporation is not actually a human being after all. The nightmare visions that provokes ...