It's not very popular.

May 10, 2013 Gordian commented on "Mild Daisey" Returns to Seattle.
I haven't seen all of Mike Daisey's shows, but I've seen a good handful. I just saw "Fucking Fucking Fucking Ayn Rand" last night and really enjoyed it. I felt like I was seeing the "How Theater Failed America" Mike Daisey - deeply personal, not too pious, but withering, hilarious, and truthful in a universal sense. I prefer that Mike Daisey to the one I saw talking about Steve Jobs - that one was treading into a realm that he didn't need to be in.
Sep 11, 2012 Gordian commented on Mike Daisey's Twitter-Fight with a New York Times Employee Didn't End Well (UPDATED: Daisey Suggests I Manipulated the Facts to "make a better story").
This definitely fits in the "yawn" category. Stranger - you've made your point. Good on you. Now let's all move on and cover things of greater importance.
Dec 6, 2011 Gordian commented on If You Love the Movies, Go See Hugo.
Like @6, I was sooooo ready to love this movie. I even convinced my girlfriend to go because the critics are raving about it, despite her ongoing mistrust of my taste in movies (she likes romances, I like good movies). Throughout the movie I kep thinking that I should be loving it - I love cinematic history, I love mysteries, I love Ben Kingsley... but there was simply no "there" there. It seemed to operate as a thinly veiled exercise in nostalgia and self-indulgence. The automoton ended up being totally uninteresting, I stopped caring about both Hugo and Ben Kingsley in the first 45 minutes, and finally spent most of my time staring at my girlfriend, asleep, and realizing that she deserves better. In so many ways.
Jan 26, 2011 Gordian commented on The King of Stutterland.
@ 18 - You have a lot of anger, my friend. I hope you find other more productive ways of channeling it. Like knitting.
Jan 26, 2011 Gordian commented on Tunnel Critic Will Challenge Bruce Harrell on City Council.
Thank you, Citizen R. The City of Seattle doesn't own private companies. They would then be public.

Also, if this guy is running on not raising electricity rates, he's lost my support. We have the lowest rates in the nation, which stymies energy innovation such as energy efficiency, district energy, etc. We need higher rates, not lower ones.
Jan 26, 2011 Gordian commented on The King of Stutterland.
Ok, I totally get that overcoming stuttering may not seem like such a grand thing. I also get annoyed at movies about "inspiring stories." BUT! As someone who has overcome a stutter (and does not expect a movie to be made about him), being compared to a barking king is just a little insulting. Lest anyone think that this is a minor thing, envision those times when you are put on the spot in a big meeting, or have to speak publicly, and then imagine that feeling every time you open your mouth. It's debilitating in a silent, emotionally traumatic way that no one really sees unless you've experienced it. You can have your class warfare on your own, but please don't spout shit about something you obviously know nothing about.
Jun 24, 2010 Gordian commented on McGinn Blows It: Appoints Diaz Police Chief.
Interestingly, Estela Ortega of El Centro de la Raza advocated for hiring Diaz. But then again, I'm sure Dominic and the rest of the commenters on here are much more knowledgeable about this area than a Hispanic Social Justice group.
Jun 3, 2010 Gordian commented on Study: Teenagers Are Having Sex, Using Condoms.
I'm curious about the last statistic. If 79% of girls use contraceptives (assuming condoms count for them) and 86% of boys use them, what accounts for the difference? Does it mean that the other 7% of women who are not having sex with the boys who are using condoms are having sex with older men who don't use condoms? Or are those 7% of boys accounted for by homosexuals who are using condoms with each other? Or am I missing something else here?
Apr 28, 2010 Gordian commented on Tomorrow is a Brighter Day: Tron for Real.
I don't get it.
Mar 15, 2010 Gordian commented on Keeping Bookstores in Pioneer Square.
Yeah, Will - pretty off base.

I think this sounds like a neat idea, but I don't necessarily think Pioneer Square needs more book stores. If anything, it needs more diversity of retail to appeal to a broader spectrum of buyers. I've always thought that an Oddfellows Hall-type establishment would do well here. Or perhaps some type of alternative clothes store. That's all I got.

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