Apr 27, 2016 MJ commented on Seattle Is Pretty Much Game Over: We Will Become Another San Francisco and Vancouver.
Exactly, @18. Charles, this "ghost shoe" memorial went up after this happened.

It's along the same lines as the "ghost bike" memorial. You can dismiss it whimsical white people art if you want to, but please acknowledge the intent. Please edit your piece to reflect the sincerity of the effort and at least give some sort of nod to the fact that someone died in this intersection.

It's also worth noting that El Centro is still plugging away at building the Beloved Community a mere block away from this intersection. There's plenty of art going up on those buildings--all of it intentionally referencing the "Four Amigos" who first helped create El Centro de la Raza. The Station coffeeshop is just around the corner--lots of art (of all kinds) going on there.

There's plenty of fodder for wringing hands about gentrification in Beacon Hill. If you're going to write a "Game Over" piece, find something a little more frivolous.
Apr 26, 2016 MJ commented on Seattle Is Pretty Much Game Over: We Will Become Another San Francisco and Vancouver.
The shoes are a memorial to a woman who was killed crossing the street. They're not an abstract statement. Not sure how they reflect gentrification.
Apr 13, 2016 MJ commented on Want to Relax? Don't Let Them Talk You Into High-THC Weed.
I'll chime in on behalf of mom weed. I go into a store and explain that I have a kid & frequently have a houseful of young children. I want to enjoy a light buzz, without being a puddle on the couch and/or without being so impaired that I can't be a responsible parent. I look for lower ABV beers. Thanks so much for highlighting that I need to look for higher CBD pot.
Dec 8, 2015 MJ commented on Ten Songs to Listen to as We Drown in the Flood.
Five Feet High And Rising?
Oct 1, 2015 MJ commented on Washington Will Get a Federal Grant to Design a Paid Parental Leave Program.
Paid family leave isn't subsidizing parents any more than paid sick & safe time is subsidizing sick/injured people. We use public dollars to support each other in all kinds of situations: food banks, emergency preparedness, ambulance services, public broadcasting, libraries, transit, vaccines, libraries, small business loans, animal shelters, traffic lights...

It is a demonstrated public benefit to people of all ages/across all income levels to care for each other. The rest of the world gets this: people support each other either using longstanding cultural traditions and/or through progressive tax structures. When everyone has their basic needs met, they are able to move through the rest of the stages of Maslow's Pyramid and care for others. When you fail to meet basic needs of a critical mass of people, the whole thing comes toppling down. Failing to provide paid parental leave hurts families, employers, and everyone else. It costs more to fix what's broken than to prevent the harm.
Sep 15, 2015 MJ commented on I Am Confused and Just Got Hung Up on by the Seattle School District.
Our Kindergarten welcome letter was dated 5 weeks before it arrived and had a blacked out contact phone number. It said our elementary school was starting Kindergarten classes on 9/9. Two days later, I got a letter from the school saying we were starting 9/14. They couldn't even share accurate information about the first day of school! Of Kindergarten--which is the very first day and kind of a big deal. When I spoke with the new Chief Communications Officer, she quickly responded that the letter didn't come from her office. The Early Learning folks blamed it on a vendor and asked if I'd help with the update letter. (I'm more than qualified, but she had no way of knowing that.) Everyone in Early Learning was very nice and clearly cares about kids. They probably know their stuff about how to prepare kids for school. Unfortunately, they know much less about communications and the communications team is far too busy spinning for Nyland.

Look--I get it. Mistakes happen, it's a big system, etc etc etc. But when you're asking families to trust you with our kids--and you're asking us to jump through 6 hoops backwards to meet your registration requirements--getting basic communication right is really important. When your neighbor knows more about what's happening at your school than anyone in the John Stanford Center...I just don't know what to say.

This strike was pretty much the perfect introduction to the cluster that is Seattle Public Schools. It exposed how little the board or administration staff cares about community input and the unbelievable inability to share accurate information in a timely manner. It also brought the community together in powerful, system-changing ways. It's gonna get better, right? At least if it doesn't we can all remind each other that we're not the only ones going crazy.
Jul 23, 2014 MJ commented on Watch Sawant Sit City Light CEO Down for a Chat.
I'm glad Sawant can make it to meetings of the committee she chairs. I was disappointed she wasn't at the SPU/Neighborhoods meeting yesterday. I like her, I voted for her, and I want her to succeed--which requires participating in her responsibilities. I want to hear what she has to say about Cheasty Greenspace and know how she's going to vote next week on whether there will be a bike park there.
Apr 3, 2014 MJ commented on Beacon Hill Greenbelt Proposal Pits Social Justice Cyclists Against Environmentalists.
I support social justice and environmentalism--and their love child, environmental justice. It is socially and environmentally just to have accessible, healthy green/wild places in low income areas. It is socially and environmentally just to engage volunteers of all incomes/ages/cultures/abilities in volunteer and recreational activities. It is socially and environmentally to consider a proposal from a group of proven volunteers (who have lined up financial backers) to restore a dying forest the city cannot afford to help.

It's also possible for one group of neighbors to work with a different group of neighbors to make this all work. The details of parking, pedestrian access, and environmental impact need to be addressed in a thoughtful, professional manner.
Nov 21, 2013 MJ commented on Morning News: Mars in Africa, Condoms Nouveaux, and One Disgruntled Neo-Nazi.
Betty Patu rocked last night's school board meeting: no changes to SE Seattle schools until the district improves outreach. Woot!