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Um ... to the above [KittenKoder]... Really ?? ... I gotta clear my mind here to ask this question w/ SOME degree of aplomb ... JUST WONDER WHAT YOUR INITIAL COMMENTARY IS GOING TO BE "Kitten" ... WHEN YOU FIND ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS... is part of the "broad swathe" of folks w/ service jobs who are going to feel a brutally bloody ax @ the neck of their families, kids, mortgages, educations, jobs and WHOLE LIVES when they are all FIRED ! Lest anyone here think this is just a rant by (whoever) .... not really ! It never fails to amaze me that when a discussion of this proportion happens, somehow, everyone assumes that the TOTAL BULLYPULPIT is just going to be folks on a streetcorner talking, or a few irritated/betrayed words over a book or newspaper, and a Starbux @ the library ... I'm afraid not THIS TIME ! For the better part of a year, a group of very enterprising [computer enthusiasts]sited @ some little, tiny schools like the U, UPS, U. of Oregon, UC/Davis and yes, even Dear Ole' Stanford --- have been crunching some data and numbers on just this VERY SUBJECT ... So, maybe just the tip of the iceberg, OK ? ----- the number of possible affected businesses, (assuming a 12-18 month window to get records straight) ... state-wide, would be approx 21, 800 .... those businesses currently generate something on the order of $418.5M in revenues to various sections of the state government ... The issue of lost jobs is a bit harder to calculate, but a VERY enterprising "business mechanics lawyer" @ Stanford was nice enough to donate the hours ... a rough estimate would be 19,000 lost jobs ... Does the 60s/70s term " Oh shit, I just shot myself in the foot " ... come to mind ? I guess tho, no one should be surprised given the comments overheard @ a local Shilshole bar/eatery early last month, uttered by an employee of the DOR ... [ ... " I can't help but think this will go a LONG way to cleaning up places like Ballard, and some of the "non-traditional" influences in places like Fremont, and The Market ..." ] Holy Crap Batman --- I'm SURE glad June & Ward Cleaver don't read the local "What's Happening in Seattle Government ..." blogs ... At last count, more than 400 {fully accredited] lawyers have contacted folks in Seattle and other towns around the state, offering their services to " defend fairness" against the "brilliantly adept" folks running the purse-strings and influence-peddling parlors of Washington State government. For me, I guess MY suggestion would be to better focus revenue collections on the folks who can REALLY afford to pay ... businesses TOTALLY familiar w/ the "sweating and dancing" issue -- maybe someone like Peter Kiewit & Sons Construction ... they seem to know how to "dance" around LOTS of complex financial issues lately ... As for the folks who purport to "govern" w/ this kind of caring & compassion, you might want to read-up on the capabilities of computers these days --- you just can't imagine what an amazing help they can be when you need them !