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Jul 28, 2015 If the shoe fits commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: No Way Out.
Last year, my grandmother left my grandfather after 50 years of marriage, the last 15 in separate bedrooms. They led different lives, couldn't stand to speak to one another, but they were also considered home base to our family and stayed together because of it. Well, in the last year and a half, the family has transitioned, grandma is happier, and guess what? We're all okay, and now she is a model for finding one's bliss. In many ways, she is my hero. She plays tennis everyday, travels to Hawaii, Vegas, and Arizona often and, in her words, "poops regularly for the first time in 20 years." Party on.
Jan 26, 2015 If the shoe fits commented on Yoga Is Not the Thing for Thieves.
Coincidentally, my friend's car was stolen last week. It was found three days later, and the yoga mat was missing.
Dec 8, 2014 If the shoe fits commented on Three Gift Books That Could Change Young Lives.
Any more suggestions for the pre-teen crowd? Something that doesn't focus on vampires and/or "becoming popular"? I'm struggling to find books for nieces/nephews, although I think "What If?" will be perfect for my 13-year old nephew. He has a sister one year younger than him. Any help would be awesome.
Nov 21, 2014 If the shoe fits commented on This Will Cheer Up Depressed Democrats: "No Republican candidate has a credible shot at the White House in 2016".
If mail-in voting produces bigger voter numbers than expected, especially here in WA State, what is stopping the democrats for pushing for that, especially democratic governers? I know that it's not perfect, but it's one part of the equation, right? People can't get to the polls, or they don't go because once they are there, they have no idea what to vote for. Voting with a computer handy is the free-est I have ever felt. I also have no idea what states do mail-in voting and if it can be done at a district level.
Jun 25, 2014 If the shoe fits commented on Former Mars Hill Member Writes About Pastor Mark Driscoll's "Demon Trials".
@32, you're better off. That non-profit masks likes to think they are being sex-trafficking pioneers but all they do is harass sex workers and try to get them to say they are being trafficked or they want to stop working. It's weird, and their statistics are wonky.
Jun 24, 2014 If the shoe fits commented on Former Mars Hill Member Writes About Pastor Mark Driscoll's "Demon Trials".
@17- was it a non-profit posing as a intervention center for "sex-trafficked" girls but really trying to indoctrinate sex workers?
May 20, 2014 If the shoe fits commented on Seattle Attorney Sentenced to 25 Years In Prison for Raping Five Women At Massage Parlors.
Correction: Monday was not the start of trial, but the date of sentencing. He pled guilty earlier this month.
Apr 10, 2014 If the shoe fits commented on Restaurateurs Had a Minimum-Wage Lunch Chat at City Hall Yesterday, and the Crowd Raged.
"These business owners pretty much all agreed that the minimum wage proposal they'd prefer would include (1) total compensation (2) a phase-in and (3) youth or training wages. Which is fine, that's their position, and they were friendly and joking and silly, even as Council Member Sawant came off as a bit severe. But the crowd at the lunchtime forum was heavily weighted in the restaurant owners' favor—which ended up veering into a bit of ugliness. By the end of the meeting, audience members were heckling Sawant; at one point a group of about half dozen got up and stormed out of the council chamber."

This paragraph is in there twice.
Apr 3, 2014 If the shoe fits commented on Two New Anti-$15 Groups Appeared in March.
@6, I'm a regular at Mr. Villa, they do indeed only have a couple of employees and they are a very small restaurant, but this makes me sad. I understand that they are trying to find a compromise for their own business, but it leaves sort of an icky feeling. Not sure how to respond, because not going to Mr. Villa doesn't seem to be the best action. They make really good carne asada.
Feb 18, 2014 If the shoe fits commented on Suddenly, Masmari Has a New Private Lawyer.
The public defender's name is Hal Palmer, not Harold.