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4:46 PM yesterday Jim Detwiler commented on I, Anonymous.
@22 The driver already proved he wasn't fit to drive. This guy deserved everything the cyclist could give him EXCEPT disabling the car's control functions by cowardly vandalism. No wonder it's bothered his conscious.
Jun 27 Jim Detwiler commented on White House Lights Up for Pride.
@23 I could see Hillary doing it if she'd won the primary and been elected in 2008. It's s huge victory not only for the LGBTQ community but for the democratic party and liberal-centrists across the board by symbolizing the difference between each sides' vision of civil rights in general.
As for whether we should forgive those who've 'evolved', well DUH! Every gay and lesbian who's forgiven themselves for once hating their own God-given nature should show a little more compassion and understanding for those who've found the grace to move forward in a better direction. Obama exemplifies that huge transformation in cultural opinion which ultimately enabled what we've achieved. Our success has been entirely contingent on millions changing their mind. They're the heroes.
The biggest threat to the LGBTQ community may come from within by those who spend their anger and bitterness on folks now long-distanced from their previously less enlightened view of thing. They're on our side now. Embrace and support them for fucksakes.
Jun 23 Jim Detwiler commented on Accept the Apology, Already.
Well said, Dan. And a new challenge as our social media history meets a post-equality future. However I'm not sure a gay person's previous "doth protest too much" homophobia necessarily compares well to anti-gay sentiments from someone who isn't dealing with their own self realization. The words and eventual change of position may look the same, but the reason behind the offending hate is quite different from someone who isn't trying to deny their true nature. The act of coming out as gay is authentic beyond reproach, compared to taking someone at their word they've changed their mind about gay people.
Jun 16 Jim Detwiler commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Opposite of a Sympathy Card.
...on second thought and better yet; Send her the albums with her note and pamphlet on top without comment. If she complains to family that you sent her condolence note back, they'll ask her, "well what did it say?" Let her explain that one to the family. ;)
In any event, you'll better honor your partner and his family if you don't strike back in a similarly malicious manner. This just isn't the time or place to engage.
Jun 16 Jim Detwiler commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Opposite of a Sympathy Card.
I agree with those who suggest not taking her ill-intended and passive-aggressive "bait". Better in my opinion to look back at being the bigger, more understanding and loving person, than having beat-up this sad lady with a vindictive message - no matter how much she may deserve it. Otherwise you're just lowering yourself to her level. Return the albums as-is with a note thanking her for her thoughts. Exemplify the Christ-like compassion and understanding she so sorely lacks by forgiving her in your heart just let it go.
May 31 Jim Detwiler commented on My Picnic Was Interrupted by Drones.
@32 Your patronizing, petty and totally passive-aggressive critique of the author's arguably perfect word selection to express their annoyance, is annoying as fuck. Is this how your career ends? Trolling The Stranger's comment sections to promote your fading radio show?
May 13 Jim Detwiler commented on Dan Savage's ABC Sitcom Is a GO: Watch the Trailer!.
it actually looks like it could be successful 'Modern Family' style sitcom. Hard to tell from snippets carefully strung together having nothing to do with how an actual episode will look... One thing that won't last for long is the show just revolving around the kid being gay. The three or four other story lines in each episode will have to carry some significant weight on their own. But wow, it doesn't look any worse than most sitcoms.
Mar 28 Jim Detwiler commented on Mayor Bans City-Funded Travel to Indiana After "License to Discriminate" Bill.
The gesture is well intended and may be an effective means to stopping this apparent trend. But boycotting the state(s) also hurts pro-equality businesses. A new movement among these businesses is to announce "We Serve Everyone" on storefronts, web sites and advertisements, thereby allowing those who support the new law to be identified by NOT participating in these postings. If this trend takes hold, directing business to only those who declare their pro-equality position may be more effective in the long run, and better targets those we don't want to support.
Mar 23 Jim Detwiler commented on Amy Schumer at the Emerald Queen Casino Saturday Night.
Her Comedy Central show is terrific; Typically a few brief interviews followed by some sketch comedy on the same subject. Here's an example:…

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