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Feb 25, 2013 EnnIsFor joined My Stranger Face
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Many of you apparently have the reading comprehension of a snail. LW #1 writes that he texted his conflict and was texted back that that was the day. Sis: "I'm getting married!!!!" LW: "Congrats!! Only Day I cant do is Columbus Day! LOL!" Sis: "Ummmm, actually - thats when we are looking." There's no exclusion there; LW needs to stop thinking that the world - which is out to get him - revolves around him.

When we got married and set the date, there was no consultation with friends and family to see if they had a conflict; we would have driven ourselves insane - "Bobby can't make it the first weekend of October, Susy the second, Jamie the third, Ophelia the 4th...." And then you have to pick a date that WILL count someone out, and you knew it would count someone out. The better way is to pick the date; the people that want to be there for you will be there.

To the contrary, it sounds like LW has some problem with the Sis. You're getting your panties in a wad because they DARED to pick the one day "you can't be there," and insinuate it's because of your genderqueer status. It's not about you, it's about them. Grow up, realize that your priorities should be with your sister on her day and not your college reunion, stick to your guns on the pantsuit thing but be flexible to wear the damned dress if that's what she wants, and hope to hell everything is booked ... but go when they figure out a way around it. It's your sister, prick, and her wedding? How did it become about you you you?

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