May 28, 2009 rgh commented on Obama and the Sounders.
Roller Derby is great if you want to be surrounded by a bunch of people congratulating themselves and each other on how cool, hip and counter-culture they are. The term 'poseur' was coined specifically for such venues. What a joke!

The premise that you can somehow draw some broad conclusion about the city of Seattle which will in turn explain the ability to sell X number of tickets to soccer games is a bit daft from the start. I'm sure all of the offered theories explain away some portion of the ticket sales/fervor. Maybe Seattle is just a place that has a nice confluence of all those things in greater numbers that some other cities, but at some point the hype just feeds on itself and becomes something other. Whether it maintains its current momentum remains to be seen, but there's really no need to explain it or apologize for it. Moving 32,000 tickets to a weekend sporting event in a metro area with a population of over 3 million doesn't really seem that mystical to me.