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Jul 25, 2013 internet user commented on Something You Should Know Before You Go.
Every one of my (native) Jamaican friends say the say the same thing: "Don't go to Jamaica." And calling it homophobia is a gross understatement; there is absolutely zero tolerance for anything that is homo, from my experience. And by zero tolerance I mean angry, violent, and dangerous.
Jul 23, 2013 internet user commented on Louis C.K. on The Daily Show.

Please test embedded videos before you post them; the most obnoxious thing I can think of is video/audio coming from my computer that I didn't initiate. I realize it's an iframe and you have little control, but there are options and workarounds. I'm not going to be visiting this site until your staff developers figure this one out.
Feb 26, 2013 internet user commented on 2,282 Gun Related Deaths Since Newtown.
I'd rather die in a shooting than own a gun.

That's right, I'm admitting that there's going to be another shooting. In my house. With a gun pointed at me. With a dude/girl that is saying crazy shit and about to shoot me. Shoot me.

I'd rather die in a "government takeover" than own a gun.

That's right. When the government takes over everything, shoot me. I'll be dead. It's a better life than living in SO MUCH FEAR THAT I FEEL LIKE I NEED TO OWN A GUN.

I feel sorry for those that feel like they need to own a gun.

Find me, shoot me. I am truly saddened by this madness.
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