Apr 12, 2013 DC Bill commented on How Long Did You Last?.
One minute. I must be stronger than I thought. I hope they make church goers listen to this. It would serve them right.
Nov 26, 2012 DC Bill commented on Another Star of Two And A Half Men Goes Nuts.
Well, the show is pretty awful. I stopped watching long ago. Still if he feels this way, he should quit and join that other child star idiot on the road to preach the Gospel according to them. Whatever.
Aug 24, 2012 DC Bill commented on Who's Normalizing Bestiality?.
Teens? They didn't strike me as teenaged girls. But what do I know. As for the ad, I just don't get it. I presume that the walrus is like the candy--deceptive. It looks oneway on the outside but tastes different when you bite into it. Still, yuk.
Apr 23, 2012 DC Bill commented on I'm Not Leaving The House Today.
It's genuine awfulness.
Jan 30, 2012 DC Bill commented on I'm So Tired of Waking Up on Monday Mornings and Punching My Radio In the Face.
I have loathed her for years. This is just another example of the kind of BS she offers by way of "commentary."
Jan 1, 2012 DC Bill commented on Slog Bible Study: 1 Kings 11:1-3.
When exactly did this king have time to govern?
Nov 3, 2011 DC Bill commented on "A Republican License to Bully".
Wow. Some Democrats do have the balls to tell Republicans to go f**k themselves. It's about time.
Oct 19, 2011 DC Bill commented on I Kissed a Girl (In Grease) and I Didn't Like It.
I think they just felt pressure to make a public display of what side they are on; i.e., the hetro side. Yawn. In a few years, most of them will be embarrassed that they did this.
Oct 6, 2011 DC Bill commented on Thankgodgate: I'm Torn!.
I wanted to vote "neither" but wasn't given that option. I wasn't offended by either pol trying to make a funny remark. No big whoop here.
Jun 22, 2011 DC Bill commented on Crooks and Liars.
I've worked at AT&T for over 22 years and I've never heard of him. Along with a few other inaccuracies (and I'm not suggesting here that his employment record is one of the inaccuracies--I just don't know), the suggestion that AT&T planted this guy on the GLAAD board sounds a little too far fetched. While AT&T has an excellent pro-GAY employment policy (it bans discrimination and provides domestic partner benefits, etc.), the issues of so-called Net Neutrality and the AT&T/T-Mobile merger seem beyond the purview of GLAAD, which I understood was intended to fight anti-gay media bias and not to promote the interests of any one business--gay friendly or not.