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For TIMELY: I suggest condoms!

I have the Mirena IUD, and have no kids - insertion was very painful even with a prescribed Vicodin beforehand. Rough sex was a favorite pre-Mirena, and now it just hurts too bad to continue (the Mirena causes cramping, at least for me, from rough sex). Even soft sex can trigger the cramping.
To top it off the strings have also fallen out, and the IUD has risen up in my cervix out of sight, so they had to do an ultrasound to find it. My gyno explained that she uses a tool in these circumstances to fish it out, I have no idea what kind of painkillers they use for this, or if they will need to do surgery, but it's something I'm not looking forward to!
The plus sides: Your period disappears, or will almost disappear, which is really nice, and for me the mood swings are gone with it. It's also great not having to worry about taking a pill everyday, but the discomfort it has caused me is NOT worth it.
It sounds like others have better experiences with the IUD, but you're new to sex! Complications like these could make life complicated, especially since you wouldn't be able to gauge from experience if the sex is uncomfortable or if its the IUD. Use condoms, and when you get into a legit committed relationship check out the Nuva Ring, it's been my favorite so far.