Mar 6, 2013 ISIHAC commented on Savage Love.
@EricaP @Crinoline It's fine, my PIV was totally wanted ;-) I guess what I was trying to say that just because one isn't intending to have sex any time in the near future doesn't mean one won't. If you'd asked me the very day before my first PIV-sexing I would have replied that I of course had no need for BC because I wasn't intending to sex with anyone anytime soon.

And if I didn't already know that emergency contraception was easily available (and that I already had the next day off work to get it sorted) I wouldn't have had the sex. But the LW is in the US where I keep hearing that BC is sometimes harder to get hold of?

If we are playing the "should have" game then perhaps what I "should have" done was gone on BC two years ago when I started doing sexual but non-pregnancy-causing stuff.
Feb 27, 2013 ISIHAC commented on Savage Love.
Get your BC in place beforehand!! I'm 32 and had PIV for the first time only last year. Completely unexpected, unprotected, and had to get emergency contraception in the form of a copper IUD because it was really close to ovulation day. The 'morning after' pill just delays ovulation, so if you've already ovulated it won't work, but a copper IUD will prevent implantation. (This is what they told me at the clinic; I am not a doctor). Thankfully I live in the UK where it was easy, no-fuss, and free. And no judgment either, even though it was probably the riskiest thing I'd ever done. And it didn't hurt that much - I was told to take a painkiller beforehand (I didn't) and it wasn't anything I couldn't breathe through ok.
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