Feb 27, 2013 madses commented on Savage Love.
Up until last week I would have been raving about my ParaGard, which I've had for 3 years (I'm 27 and nulliparous, very little pain with insertion). Before that I tried 3 types of BCP and NuvaRing, and the variety of not-great side effects convinced me to go hormone-free.

And then last week I had a miscarriage, and now I'm having to re-think the very lengthy thought process that led me to the ParaGard in the first place.

Some thoughts for the writer:
--I would try BCP, possibly multiple types, for at least 6 months to see how you tolerate them
--If they work for you, stick with them or another hormonal method
--If not, consider ParaGard, but keep in mind that (a) if you do get pregnant (let's say 1 in 300) you've got a higher chance of ectopic pregnancy (very bad) and miscarriage; (b) if you contract an STD, your risk of PID/infertility/etc. is increased (so use condoms!); (c) your periods will likely be more crampy/heavy, so if they're already the least bit bad you might want to rethink ParaGard
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