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Over the course of the past 10 years I've gone from a D to a G, thanks to various reasons (mainly breastfeeding and a weight gain/loss cycle, but just getting older figures in there too), and I am still bemoaning the first set of vintage clothes I gave away because I out-chested them (I've gone through two more iterations of this since that first painful separation).

I've gone from being able to walk into pretty much any store and buy a nice frilly feminine looking bra to going to Nordstroms and asking "Do you have anything that won't make me feel like a grandmother that's under $75?" And there's no thing as an exercise bra that keeps me from bobbling painfully if I try to do anything other than moderately fast walking.

I like to imagine how things will be when and if I finally get to the point where I can talk my insurance company into a reduction, skipping the years in between then and now where they gain a few more cup sizes and I get all the "joys" that go with it.