Oct 31, 2014 RJred commented on SL Letter of the Day: Drag ≠ Trans, Trans ≠ Drag.
For those who have not read or watched Hedwig, two points. One, a major theme in the piece is about how to be comfortable in your own identity, whether you choose it or it is thrust upon you. Exploring gender identity is a huge component for several characters.

And two, this play has been done with the main characters being played by all gender variations. In the movie, the playwright (a man) plays Hedwig, and his close friend (a woman), plays his cis-male love interest. It is like inception for gender fluidity.
Aug 22, 2013 RJred commented on Savage Love.
DIMI, my dad works with a guy in his 20's who lost both of his legs and half an arm before he was 1. And he still gets more action than many "normal" guys out there. Yes, there will be shallow girls out there, but there are shallow girls out there discriminating against everyone. Use it as an asset, not an excuse, honey.
May 17, 2013 RJred commented on Meanwhile in Toronto.
Yeah, let's just say Ford was not the best decision our city has ever made. He came in with big plans to "clean up the city" and cut reckless spending, which to many sounded like a great deal. Then he and his brother began barking out ridiculous ideas of ferris wheels and casinos, and he basically became that annoying uncle at the dinner table no one likes.

I would like to say his biggest problem is that he has no tact. But really, his big problem is that he has no clue what an appropriate mayor is supposed to do.

That being said, I would urge caution sifting through the Toronto Star for more articles. That paper has ragged on him for everything from going to a KFC to coaching a football team during office hours. They are a bit heavy-handed, even for us non-Fordites.
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Feb 27, 2013 RJred joined My Stranger Face
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For those that say one should wait until one is sexually active/nearly so before getting an IUD or pill, I would disagree, only because it takes a while for your body to get used to BC and to the routine, if you are taking the Pill. I have been taking BCP for years, and I have loved mine. Lighter cycles, no pregnancies (yay) and my acne cleared right up as a bonus.
I also say kudos to TIMELY for taking control of her sex life. Condoms are great for STD prevention, but ultimately you should also be on another method so that you have complete control of what goes in and what comes out.