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Feb 27, 2013 BriaMoore joined My Stranger Face
Feb 27, 2013 BriaMoore commented on In Which I Imagine Having a Sweet-Ass Rack.
I think you should take this idea further. I believe it would lead to a additional article or three if you do follow through on it. I read about a company that makes molds for women and some men but mainly for women to see how certain surgeries would affect their bodies. The point is you could actually try out a sweet ass rack for a few days or a week at your luxury and have a more defining experience without actually any cutting taking place on any skin. Working in the industry you do it should be possible to find the right special effects person who can do the mold and mockup or know someone that can. A simple breast mold and supporting "skin" any size you see fit. Try more than one. It would look realistic and would feel completely natural.Blended in with soft and natural materials.
Do this. You know you want to. It could spawn a few articles and a few you tube videos.

I know whoever did the special effects for that episode of Sons of Anarchy where the transexual was played by the bad guy Boyd Crowder from the show Justified , did and amazing job on his boob work and over all look.
You should look into it. It wouldn't take long and I bet it would be fun and insightful.