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Mar 2, 2013 standtall6 joined My Stranger Face
Mar 2, 2013 standtall6 commented on Newspaper Apologizes for Filing Gun-Related Information Request.
National social media controversy erupted when the Sheriff’s posted the Scout’s request on his county funded facebook page. Major national groups that specialize in this type of social media coverage, for their corporate gain, enjoy spreading all our remarks across the county, thereby increasing their attraction to publicity and profits at the expense of Cherokee County.

Many potential visitors and investors including possible new industry will be turned off by this controversy .

Now, one important consideration is that North Carolina is only one of ten states that provides access to public records pertaining to gun registration. There is in the NC Legislative committee currently a bill to restrict public access to these lists.

However, until the NC law is changed, Sheriff Keith Lovin has the responsibility to uphold and enforce legally existing laws, not just laws he agrees with. To be truly effective he must understand the integrity needed to do the job in a legal and responsible manner and uphold the public trust placed in him.

Every citizen of the United States has a right to ask Sheriff Lovin for the gun permit registration list. Not restricted to any one group or organization.

The United States of America is the greatest nation on earth. Every citizen has the right to access public records as provided by state and federal laws and the right to freedom of opinion and expression publicly without fear of censorship or punishment. I am proud to have served in our Armed Forces in the Korean War, Vietnam War and Desert Storm to protect freedom and democracy of our great nation and around the world.