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Jun 30, 2016 Henry commented on Ciudad Is Open in Georgetown, Tavoláta Brings Pasta (And a Service Charge) to Capitol Hill, And Other Food News.
@1 Knee-jerk much?

Travoláta's website: "The entirety of this service charge is retained by the house, of which 100% is distributed to our staff in the form of wages and commissions."
Nov 9, 2015 Henry commented on Small Businesses Face "Internet Dead Zone" in Sodo After Sprint Shutters Wireless Network.
@7, 8/9 is talking about phone lines, and according to broadbandmap.gov Centurylink should service that block. Have you checked if DSL is available to you?
Nov 9, 2015 Henry commented on Small Businesses Face "Internet Dead Zone" in SODO After Sprint Shutters Wireless Network.
They're in the Central Business Franchise District so it's not that Comcast can't provide them service, it's more likely that they haven't built out the infrastructure to that block/neighborhood and it isn't cost effective to do so with so few potential customers. In other words, it's an issue of policy/cost, not a technical one. Wave Broadband can also provide service in that neighborhood but may not for the same reasons.
Sep 26, 2015 Henry updated his or her location.
Sep 26, 2015 Henry commented on Man Arrested for Setting Cars on Fire Hid in Blackberry Bushes.
The cars were hid in blackberry bushes? Also 2 doesn't know what "invasive" means. Hint: it's not the opposite of "has tasty berries".

Jul 24, 2015 Henry commented on In Food News: Pizzeria Gabbiano Earns Top Honor, Madrona Eatery Is Closing, and Salmonella Strikes Seattle.
"...it's a good reminder that eating food that comes down a supply chain, no matter how much you trust the sourcing, has its risks."

This has nothing to do with supply chains; you can eat food out of your own backyard and still contract salmonella if you aren't cooking things properly and washing your hands. Would you like a side of FUD with those eggs?
Jan 31, 2015 Henry commented on Eat Like a Local.
The correct address for La Bendicion Tienda Mexicana is 2544 Beacon Ave S. 2256 puts it in the middle of a greenbelt/residential street.
Aug 19, 2014 Henry commented on What Is Your Favorite Fake Movie Band?.
Wyld Stallyns or Dr Teeth and The Electric Meyhem, I can't decide.
Aug 15, 2014 Henry commented on SPD Releases a List of the Military Surplus Gear They've Received in Recent Years.
@1 If you're talking about the bulletproof vest plates, that's standard issue police/security equipment. Without them the vests don't stop bladed weapons.